McCartney's favorite, Meme Man and "Best Singer of All time": all about Rick Astley

This article is devoted to the biography and creative path of Rick Astley - musician, vocalist, songwriter. How he managed to blow up the world of show business with his debut single, what rickrolling is, and whether Rick performs - in our article.

Rick Astley - interesting facts from the life of a British singer

Rick Astley - famous british musician and a singer in style dance-pop. The artist became popular in 80s last century thanks to by works that were good taste, cheerfulness and feeling measures.

Childhood and preparation for a career

Richard Paul (later Rick) Astley was born February 6 1966 in a town called Newton-le-Willows in England. At parents the boy was not nothing in common with music: my father worked for farm, mother was engaged in education four children. Them family life did not work out, and after divorce in 1971 Rick stayed in charge father.

Musician does not like to remember children's years. According to him, it was sad time: discord parents, care from life brotherchildhood spent motherless… Little Richard from the age of 10 he performed in the church chore, father welcomed interest boy к music and admired him.

Rick Astley (Rick Astley) in his youth
Rick Astley (Rick Astley) in his youth

In school years the boy created several yards teamsin which was drummer. Rick graduated from high school and helped his father on farmwhile working driver, and in his free time he enjoyed performing at night clubs. Experience on percussion tools accounted for future: in the mid-80s, the young musician went to the capital and joined the group "FBI" as drummer.

After care from the soloist's team David Morris (he dreamed of making a career as a hairdresser), place vocalist it was suggested Riku, and this had a huge impact on his future career. At that time owner magnificent baritone noted music producer Pete Waterman and invited to his recording studio for cooperation. The guy has been there for a long time. under guardianship producer trio Stoke-Aitken-Waterman, studied the basics of sound recording and composing, preparing for further Musical career.

Stock, Aitken, Waterman (Stock, Aitken, Waterman) with Rick Astley (Rick Astley)
Stock, Aitken and Waterman with Rick Astley


First the composition of the novice performer was jointly recorded with Ochi Brown in 1987 single "Leaming To Live". Almost immediately on the label RCA the next track is out "When You Gonna"performed in duet with Lisa Carter. admirable talent young men, the management of the company invited the young singer to take participation in a charity event where he brilliantly performs the song "Let It Be". Composer participating in the event Paul McCartney was admired by Astley's talent.

long awaited success came to the artist with the release of his first single "Never Gonna Give You Up". First, the hit hit the top of the charts Britainholding out there longer months, then led world music charts and eventually became the most sold single of the year. Later execution songs became tradition, during Rick's musical career almost always completed her concerts.

Demonstrated on YouTube in 1987 clipfilmed by the director Simon West and scored in the summer 2021 a million views. originally American fans met with a video bewilderment, perceiving Rick as dummy face. In the video, the singer starred in a long white raincoat, which was subsequently stolen fans.

Second song became a single  "Whenever You Need Someone". She also appeared successful and brought the singer the title first from the British, two debut whose compositions appeared on top US charts. Soon the release of the first solo album, most sold in the musical career of the artist. Unfortunately, fire at the studio PWL led to burning majority new records, and this event delayed the exit second singer's album. at the annual American ceremonies Grammy in 1989 Rick Astley was nominated for reward "Best New Artist", but lost Tracy Chapman.

Due to numerous attacks pressespromoting the young performer as "puppet" in the deft hands of the producers, by the end of the decade Astley broke up with Pete Waterman replaced musical style from pop to soul. cardinal how he changed appearance, having grown hair. For Third album, the singer invited performers to cooperate Elton John and Mark King. Joint creative activity did not produce big interest at the listeners. Only single "Cry For Help" managed to place in the top ten in charts at home and in America.

After some time in sale new disk arrived "Body and Soul", which belonged to the genre contemporary music for adults. Album was not successful and took only recent lines in Billboard 200. Even before the record appeared on store shelves, the singer finally decided leave solo career and dedicate yourself education daughters. For prolonged time Rick Astley stayed in shadows.

Return to creative activity

iconic the singer returned to music in 2001. To album "Keep It Turned On" single included Sleeping and became super popular thanks to remix. American DJ Todd Terry turned the composition into hitthat sounded on each dance party.

In 2008 year at the annual MTV ceremony Europe Music Awards The musician was awarded "Best Performer of All Time". For receipt prizes, probably influenced by broadcasting on the Internet viral meme "rickrolling", in which on the monitors playback any videos surfaced debut artist clip. Singer reacted to the meme with humorhe even succeeded revive internet idea. IN 2009 on the streets of New York were numerous procession artists dedicated to Thanksgiving. Suddenly music subsided, Rick appeared and sounded phonogram with his famous hit.

In the summer of 2010 artist tried yourself as DJ on the «Magic FM» and appeared in his own program.

Rick Astley in our time
Rick Astley in our time


In 2016 fans of Rick's work managed to get acquainted with the long-awaited album "fifty" dedicated to the 50th anniversary anniversary artist. Album included such hits as "Keep Singing", "Angels on My Side", "Dance". It is noteworthy that record compositions of the album was carried out in home musician studio, author he himself performed melodies on musical tools. The songs included in the album are full of lyrics and nostalgia. This album, which took first place in the british chart, repeated success debut album 1987. The author honestly admitted that didn't expect similar.

Two years later, the singer released eighth studio album titled "Beautiful Life". Like the previous one, he was adopted listeners very warm and became the fifth album musician who got into top ten best UK albums. And, as before, artist travels the world with concertsby fulfilling their unforgettable hits and delighting fans with their inexhaustible optimism.

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