"Antonov is a genius?": about the best songs of the Soviet composer and musician

They call him a genius of Soviet pop music, but is it true? We prove the loud title of our favorite composer and musician on the example of some of his best songs!

Why Antonov is a Genius: About the Composer and Musician's Best Songs

His music is timeless and still beautiful today and decades ago. It is extremely soulfuland perhaps this is the secret of its enduring relevance. Talking about modern trends in the music business of the 21st century, the maestro emphasizes:

"I think the motives are good, and there's some idea. But it's not the same... There's no soul! So I say to young musicians: pick up a guitar and compose something simple and soulful... You'll see how people will be drawn to you!

Antonov was one of the richest musicians in the Soviet Union! If legends are to be believed, he had so much money that the man literally didn't know where to put it! He even hid it in sacks and under his bed. As he himself said:

"Why should I spend so much money? So I'll have a drink, but I'll eat well, and then what?

Yuri Antonov
Yuri Antonov

As we can see, money has never been the decisive factor in Yuri Mikhailovich. Today the man is almost 80 years old: he lives in the countryside in his spacious house, and enjoys a well-deserved break from the stage and... rescues stray cats! Antonov has already got a whole herd of them - he even had to organize special enclosures. His career began, we can say, at the age of 14! Since then he has never left music. They call him the genius of Soviet popbut is it so? We prove the vociferous title of our favorite composer and musician with examples of some of his best songs.

Inspirational hymns

Yuri Antonov
Yuri Antonov

Inspirational hymns are Antonov's calling card. Take, for example, "Believe in the Dream."A powerful melody, a very cool performance, an infectious tune... Willy-nilly the listener picks up the chorus, and doesn't notice how he starts to sing along. Well, how not to believe in the dream?

"Do not forget" - another hugely popular uplifting anthem that hasn't stopped rumbling on the radio (and, more importantly, in the minds of listeners) for decades!

Only Antonov could inspire confidence in people with notes so competently chosen. Under his hymns you understand that life is beautiful!

Romantic hits

Yury Antonov as a young man
Yury Antonov as a young man

A separate chapter in Antonov's repertoire is romantic masterpieces. They can include many things: and "The Flying Walk.", и "White steamer."

Despite the fact that they are associated with heartache and the brightest feeling on Earth, each composition has their own unique story and an instantly recognizable sound.

There is no sadness and sorrow in these songs. On the contrary, they are uplifting, infectious, with good tempo and powerful sound. You listen to them in one breath, and the desire to rewind quickly to the chorus does not arise. Now that's what we call mastery! Only Antonov can so skillfully present a love story in music...

The soul in every note

Yuri Antonov
Yuri Antonov

There are absolutely all maestro hits. Every hit of Antonov's is imbued with soulfulness, sincerity, cordiality... This is the very phenomenon we mentioned at the very beginning of the article. And that's what makes all these songs, such as "The Sea." or "From Sorrow to Joy", the timeless classics. After all, trends are fickle: today it's electro, tomorrow it's house. And the soul - the soul is always highly valued.

Is Antonov a genius? Definitely. Alas, there was nothing like him before or after. And it's unlikely there will be. Times are like that now - effects and pathos decide. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of soulful music these days - and not even anything remotely close to Antonov's style! This can't help but be distressing.

But at the same time we can't help but rejoice in the fact that the Soviet maestro's hits have not lost their popularity at all. They are still played on the radio, they are still sung... We are sure that even after several decades, these wonderful songs will continue to sound and please generations.

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