Hollywood favourites: which songs and performers most often attract world directors

Music makes a film, and plays as important a role as the actors themselves! That's why directors are so reverent in their choice of music. Today we offer you to evaluate the "Hollywood playlist" together!

The most popular songs and performers from Hollywood films

Without musics there would be no Hollywood masterpieces! And this is an undeniable fact. No matter how well planned a scene is, how long it took to rehearse it, or what handsome men perform it, it will not catch the sophisticated viewer's eye and will certainly not remain in his memory without being remembered proper musical accompaniment. You could say that a well-chosen track - key to success. And if the film is a lot of excellent compositions, it is guaranteed a successful distribution.

Let's not go too far for vivid examples - we can take the sensational "Wensday." with the famous dance scene that became a trend and a classic moment in the history of modern cinema. And remember Soviet films: "The January blizzard is ringing," "Help me," "If I were a sultan...". Just hearing the titles of these songs, we all have vivid favourite scenes with our favourite actors already popping up in our heads. What is it but pure magic?!

So it's pointless to argue: music is as important to the film as the actors themselves! That's why directors are so reverent in their choice of her. Today we propose to evaluate together "hollywood playlist". Foreign music lovers and critics have become interested in what music and which artists are most popular with Hollywood directors. We did not stay aside and turned to the statistics. So: we offer a look at some really surprising results together.

We don't like him much here, but in Hollywood he's adored

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Not all foreign idols are as fervently adored in our country. A vivid example - Bob Dylan. Judging by his awards, the popularity that holds to this day, and the fact that many contemporaries refer to him as their ideological inspiration, it can be assumed that foreign music lovers literally worship him.

In Russia and the CIS countries, he is much less honoured: he is listened to by very small part audience, as the overwhelming majority find his songs "boring" and even "dull". Some Russian listeners have even coined joke about Dylan:

"What an amazing man! I've never listened to him, yet he's a legend..."

But as the statistics show, Dylan is the most popular foreign artist in the media and cinema! Since the 1960s, his songs have generally been heard on the big screen several hundred times! And the most topical composition was a beautiful ballad "Knockin' on Heaven Door.": she can be heard in "I'm Not There", "Big Love" and no less than ten other films!

Top 3 most popular songs of the 20th century that remain hits to this day

Bee Gees

How many great songs have we learnt through films? It's hard to count them all. Some of these songs have become so ingrained in our playlists and radio stations that we can imagine our lives without them today it is not possible: whether you like it or not, you're bound to hear some track from a Hollywood classic on the radio. And it doesn't matter that it's probably older than you are! It's just that it's already a classic. Statistics show that at least three songs from classic 20th century films remain smash hits to this day that any modern teenager can easily sing along to! And here they are...

"Stayin' Alive" - a song that definitely needs no introduction. It was featured in the film "Saturday Night Fever." and instantly became a smash hit! And it was performed by the band Bee Gees. By the way: it was this composition that made the British-Australian band so widely famous. However, the members themselves very soon hated their own hit song. According to them, it was because of "Stayin' Alive" that they began to be perceived as a disco bandwhich they "never were". Anyway, and despite the presence of quality tracks in the catalogue, the band really never managed to eclipse the success of "Staying Alive" (as the name translates). Today, many music lovers remember this band only thanks to "Saturday Night Fever", which featured their disco hit....

"I Will Always Love You" - a shining example of how a cover can surpass the original! For some young (in particular) listeners this may be a great discovery, but the famous composition from the film "Bodyguard." doesn't belong Whitney Houston (though the singer undeniably made it her own). In fact, the track was released decades before the film, and was written and performed by a country legend Dolly Parton. Alas, her version didn't get the attention it deserved. As we know - the situation changed only in 1992 with the release of a romantic action film.

"Ghostbusters." - another extremely popular nowadays track from a classic 20th century film. Specifically, the groovy track was played in the film "Ghostbusters."Ghostbusters" can be caught on the airwaves from time to time, and yes: this track has become a big hit, conquered radio stations and, it seems, has not left them since then at all... From time to time "Ghostbusters" can be "caught" on the radio waves, and yes: this track has become widely famous Ray Parker Jr. (perhaps the biggest breakthrough of his singing career...).

The most popular Hollywood anthem belongs to Norman Greenbaum

Norman Greenbaum
Norman Greenbaum

Have you heard anything about Norman Greenbaum? This American singer can't boast a rich biography or a packed catalogue of songs, however... Just one song has forever cemented his name in the annals of history. And that "Spirit in the Sky". This unusual-sounding track was released as a single in the late 60s, and soon went on to sell many millions of copies! Subsequently, many artists presented their own interpretations, but none could match the popularity of the original.

Bottom line "Spirit in the Sky" It became such a massive success that it began to appear in films (e.g. in the "Ocean's Eleven."). Largely because it was perfect for almost any scene: dynamic, rhythmic, energetic, yet measured and exciting - no wonder why the directors chose it. As a result, today. "Spirit in the sky." (translation of the title) is considered the most popular track in the history of Hollywood! Its author, Greenbaum, said the following about this tune:

"It's a song about meeting Jesus and accepting death. I wrote it in about 15 minutes, no more. I think it's a perfect melody for reflection with an unobtrusive comedic effect...".


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