"Brother" Through the Eyes of a Music Man

Today we decided to take a look at the 90s movie schlager through the eyes of a music lover - to highlight the musical side of "Brother" and perhaps reveal some little-known details about the beloved film...

Movie "Brother": plot and music, songs

There's no need to tell you about this movie: "Brother." is considered a cult classic of its time and genre, probably the best picture against the background of everything that was filmed in the 90s. Even today it looks fresh and modern, and it is almost 30 years old! And the movie was filmed with a very limited budget: the whole shooting process took only a month, and the main character's sweater was made in a very short period of time. Danila Bagrov cost only 35 rubles, and was bought at a flea market - just so you understand how much "knee-jerk." was this project. Nevertheless, the result surpassed all expectations and won a fervent response from the general public... The younger generation of viewers, who are curious to know what era their parents' youth fell on... The film is also admired by the younger generation of viewers, who are curious to know what era their parents' youth fell on.

In today's article, we will not tell you about any amazing facts regarding the production of this picture - although it is possible that after reading it, you will take a look at this masterpiece in a new way. Today, we decided to take a look at a 90's movie schlager through the eyes of a music lover - to highlight the musical side of "Brother" and perhaps reveal some little-known details about the beloved film. Anyway, but true fans will find this article interesting!

Unobtrusive musical accompaniment

The plot of the film is centered around Danila Bagrov. Having been demobilized, the young man returns to his native province. It is the 90s: unemployment, gloom, moral decay of the country's population... Danila decides to visit his brother in St. Petersburg, where, if rumors are to be believed, he is prosperous and lives without poverty. In the end, Danila learns that his brother working as a hit man. And soon he himself learns all the "charms" of the big city in all its glory....

A still from the movie "Brother"
A still from the movie "Brother"

The movie can be characterized as vivid 90s movie portrait - The atmosphere of that time is impeccably and, as they say, very natural. Musical accompaniment was also chosen wisely: while watching the picture we realize that Danila is a big fan of "Nautilus Pompilius" - of a very popular band at that time! And this is the most unobtrusive musical accompaniment in the history of Russian cinematography (well, or at least one of them): Bagrov listens to Nautilus in a player, or at a concert, or with the help of an audio system... In general - every time the music of the band complements the situation in the frame as naturally as possible.

The episode that stands out the most is the episode from the concertwhich was filmed during a real performance of Chizh & Co. in the Gorbunov Culture Center. Singing Butusov was filmed later, separately. But as for the above-mentioned scene, it became a real scene for the actors. a test of strength. The story goes that the hall was filled to the limit, it was stuffy, there were a lot of drunks in the crowd (well, almost all the guests were under the influence of one or another hot drinks). And here, in the epicenter of it all, in the thick of the crowd are Danila and Sveta. The team what - they shot a few frames from the stage and left quietly. And the actors still had to somehow get out of the raging crowd - on the way to the exit Sergei Bodrov Jr. was almost involved in a scuffle. Such an entertaining story of what seemed to be such a simple musical scene....

That's the track from the disco

E-Rotic Group
E-Rotic Group

Another notable moment is when Danila hangs out with Katand a rousing foreign song plays in the background... Afterwards, many people tried to find it.

Composition "Max Don't Have S.x With Your Ex." belongs to a band with an equally sultry name "E-Rotic.". And yes: it was really quite popular in the 90s at discos - at least, many music lovers remember it well. What can't be said about the band itself, which can be safely called a "one-hit performer": the track played in Alexey Balabanov's film was the biggest achievement of the project, which repeatedly changed its line-up and, in fact, was not really remembered by the general public.

"Sparkling brings you closer together."

Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova

In the second "Brother" the director went much further, and invited to the shooting already famous at that time singer - "Brother". Irina SaltykovaShe had already become famous (including with the song "Grey Eyes"). By that time Irina had already become famous (including the song "Gray Eyes"), and clips with her were actively played on television. She had the image of a kind of Russian Barbie: the performer looked quite bright and epathetic, and for a long time Sergei Bodrov Jr. considered her pathos and fake (well, in terms of humanity). However, one bottle of sparkling wine fundamentally changed his opinion of Saltykova....

The story goes that Balabanov and Bodrov came to visit Irina to discuss upcoming shoots. As a presentation, they bought a bottle of wine, which they opened that evening - to brighten up the conversation, so to speak. As a result, the trio had fun, discussing the movie and telling each other funny moments from life. Afterwards, Bodrov confessed:

"Before, Irina Saltykova seemed pathos, fake. But she turned out to be normal.

Sergei himself also impressed the singer. positive impression:

"He was very reserved, well-mannered, calm. He gave the impression of a very modest, yet determined man."

Cultural influence

Despite the fact that the movie was created literally on the knees, it turned out to be truly masterpiece! Today, "Brother" has a great cultural impactHis characters have been parodied many times, Danila Bagrov himself has become a household name - the streets of many Russian cities are decorated with his portraits (graffiti), and there is no teenager who would not know who he is.

A still from the movie "Brother"
A still from the movie "Brother"

Of course, every viewer will have a different opinion about this movie. Personally, our opinion is enduring classic. And what do you think about this picture, and what moment is especially memorable for you? Share your opinion in the comments, it will be interesting to read!


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