"What They Did": Russian Rappers "Repeated" Classics

"What have they done? How could they make fun of the hits like that?!" - wrote angry music lovers with a long history. Is it really so bad? Let's find out together, and evaluate the rappers' covers of old classics ...

Russian rappers - covers of classics: clips, facts, criticism

The phenomenon of the classics lies in their enduring relevance. And the bold interpretations of contemporary performers - including rappers - is clear evidence of that. True - the result can not always be called successful, or at least comforting... Yes: some covers They do sound fresh and appealing, but mostly only to the younger generation of listeners. For older music lovers they are of no interest, and even more: they cause genuine indignation: "What have they done? How could they make fun of the hits like that?".

We are not going to judge, but just present some of the most high-profile and "hype" examples of how to Russian rappers encroached on an old classic. How did it turn out? Let's evaluate it! Share your impressions of the covers in the comments, and we'll start...

♪ Don't believe the tears ♪

Yes, Shura was a real "freak" on the Russian pop scene of the 90s: epathetic, eccentric, slightly whispery and... toothless. Add to this the fact that he could go on stage in just a fur coat and a piece of underwear, and voila - a typical modern "pop star" ready! The singer was really ahead of his time, and his performances and videos from 20 years ago look fresh even by modern standards. Yes, and the songs still sound on retro waves and thematic discos. One of them is "You Don't Believe the Tears."that was once sung by the whole country...

Despite the '90s being an era "one hit singers"Shura still became a classic figure of the time. And the rapper's cover Scriptonite that proves it:

Kazakhstan rapper performed "You Don't Believe in Tears" in 2022 as part of the author's project Anton Belyaev LAB. The public did not pass by such an iconic moment of improvisation, but the reviews are mixed: while young music lovers praised the rapper for bringing fresh notes to the 90s classics, the older generation of listeners slightly criticized the performer... But not much! Here's what users write:

"This song apparently has the fate of not being sung with clear diction..."


"Heard this song in different renditions... And I catch myself that this song has a special magic..."

Big Baby Tape - Trap Luv

"And he kisses you, says he loves you..." - this line will be sung by everyone who was partying at discos in the 2000s! After all, it starts the chorus of the cult hit "Hands up!" (for which, by the way, a very scandalous music video was made).

Apparently, the rapper Big Baby Tape is inspired by noughties classics, otherwise how do you explain his track "Trap Luv" 2019? We listen and try to find the differences, what is said...

The audience was again divided into 2 camps: some liked Big Tape's approach, others called it "some kind of mockery of the song of youth". As for the Sergei Zhukovhe took this interpretation with a degree of positivity and even humor, commenting:

"And Big Baby Tape coddles, says he loves..."


But things are much worse with this cover: the audience literally smashed it to smithereens! Of course they did - we're talking about Soviet classicswhich in itself was already a bold decision for the NILETTO.

"A smile will make everyone feel better." - the iconic children's song from the cartoon "Tiny Raccoon". Of course, the NILETTO version was not to the liking of many, especially those who grew up on this cartoon and were used to the gentle and tinkling performance Clara Rumyanova. NILETTO is not even close to these versions.

Well, in defense of the rapper, we can only say that Danil (the singer's real name) originally did not set himself the goal of getting closer to the original: on the contrary - the idea was to perform this song in my own waymodern, but soulful. Did it work? Everyone decides for himself.

Jeezus - Blood Type

Geezus at one of the concerts
Geezus at one of the concerts

Perhaps the most scandalous cover in recent years. Taking into account that it was made to the most famous song of the band "Kino", it's no wonder why! Of course, modern listeners found it attractive and interesting in its own way, but maturing music lovers born in the USSR literally threw "slippers" at the track!

Gradually, however, a lot of people are getting better "listened" to the interpretationand changed from anger to mercy. So, the comments on YouTube say:

"Perhaps Jizzus is the only one who didn't mess up the track, but presented it in his own way and cool!"


"Very surprised... I didn't think modern performers could do that."

Actually, Geezus is a big one Tsoi fan. The artist often performs at his concerts covers of "Kino", for which the audience separately "respects" him.

Basta - At dawn

And to round out the list, we decided to end with a cover Basty on the "Alliance".

Of course, these two versions are incomparable: the original sounds hypnotic and mesmerizing... But Basta's version is more "down-to-earth": there are no high notes in the chorus or any play with vocals. It's laconic, a little dry in places, but at the same time soulful - the track sounds nice.

Of course, the original "At Dawn" is the clear leader in this battle. However, it's also possible to call Basta's version unsuccessful It is not: rather, it is peculiar, in the spirit of the performer himself.


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