A look back at Robert Plant's best solo work since Led Zeppelin

It is clear that Robert was more than determined to continue exploring new artistic directions in music and to develop as a composer, singer and song interpreter. And he succeeded in realising his potential, which being a member of Zeppelin had somewhat stifled.

The beautiful solo masterpieces that Robert Plant gave to the world after the breakup of Led Zeppelin

When John Bonham tragically died on the background of active alcohol abuse, his comrades in Led Zeppelin felt an irreparable loss. Yes, of course, it was a strong blow for each fan of the band individually, for the drummer's relatives... But speaking about the musicians, his colleagues - they felt that they had lost not just a drummer, but a brother. Over the years of working together, the Zeppelins had become close-knit. They became a family. That's why after Bonham's death, one thing was clear to everyone in the band: Zeppelin would never be the same again.

They did not look for a replacement, but modestly declared about his break-up. Their paths had diverged - not completely, but that was pretty much it. For Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant, a new chapter began....

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Everyone has managed to build dazzling career in his own way. Creatively free, unfettered by style and sound, Plant saturated his later recordings with black motifs, soft rhythms and contributions from a wide variety of geniuses, from Phil Collins to Cozy Powell.

Robert Plante
Robert Plante

Clearly, Robert was more than determined to continue exploring new artistic directions in music and to develop as a composer, singer and song interpreter. And he succeeded fulfil their potentialthat being in Zeppelin was a bit of a constraint. So, today we decided to look back Robert Plante's best solo work. Let's talk about both albums and some tracks in particular. Let's start with the full-length records!

Best solo albums

Robert Plante
Robert Plante

Plant released a lot of records during his solo career, but we need to highlight the most powerful ones. Of course - there are as many people as there are opinions, and everyone will have a different view on this. But if you look at to statisticsthen one of Robert's best albums is. "Now and Zen." 1988. Recorded with Page As a guest musician, this release was a great success. Many more modern listeners emphasise that it was with "Now and Zen" that their further acquaintance with Zeppelin's work began.

Another gem - "The Principle of Moments". This is the second album from 1983 and shows a decidedly experimental phase in the singer's career. After the breakup of Zeppelin, Plant was not only interested in modern trends, but also in popular music. He decided to work with the knowledge he had gained, with fresh trends, and the result of these prolific sessions was this release (which was warmly welcomed by critics and fans alike).

Many fans are particularly singling out the work of "Manic Nirvana."which allowed the singer to step proudly into the 90s! It's a set of rather edgy tracks, with humour and sexual overtones. It seems that this time Robert has listened to the critics and completely "liberated"letting your energy out.

The record was warmly received by all "Mighty ReArranger" 2005, recorded by Plante with his band The Strange Sensation. The work showed that the singer still loves blues-rock and lingering ballads with a touch of North African influence. All songs are fascinating creative journeys expressed in original arrangements

And the last full-length entry we'd like to highlight is. "Band of Joy".

The album was released in 2010. Its beauty lies in the fact that it reminds of the early blues roots iconic frontman before he was discovered by Page.

Best solo compositions

Robert Plant.
Robert Plant.

And now for a little bit about songs. In particular, the composition is particularly admirable "Big Log.". It's biggest solo hit Plant, within which the singer has steered himself in a new musical direction. Obviously, it's a significant departure from the Zeppelin tradition towards a new, softer sound... Here's what he said about it:

"I really wanted to know if we could make a powerful sound that sounds massive. But without it being heavy, hard."

"Hurting Kind." - another great track that has brought Robert tangible success! This is the lead single from the album "Manic Nirvana", which was played on foreign radio stations for a long time. Amazing guitar riffs Doug Boyle и Chris Blackwell - that's something.

A very worthy composition - "29 Palms.".

"Her velvet glove
Knocks me off my feet and rolls me down, rolls me down.
Her fiery kiss..."

Some critics suggest that the lyric was inspired by Robert's relationship with the Alanna Milesthe singer of the hit song "Black Velvet." Plant himself did not confirm, but also did not deny this information:

"Forget all the rumours. Everything is true and everything is untrue."

Alanna Miles
Alanna Miles

"Ship of Fools"which translates to "Ship of Fools," has a terrific lyric:

"On the waves of love my heart breaks
What's weirder is that I can't rely on myself.
The tide is coming in again, wow, my world is changing.
And behind the smile is a complete calm,
So familiar to me still..."

As for the famous "In the Mood.", this track has a very distinctive early 80's vibe and sounds almost David Bowie-like. It was a very successful song for Robert, as it stayed at number one on Billboard Mainstream Rock for several weeks.

It's the kind of thing where the mere fact guitar hook (played Robbie Bluntby the way) is enough to fall in love with the composition.

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