"The Bodyguard" is the film that made Houston a cinematic icon, even though it could have made Diana Ross famous

In general - this is a worthy film, which can be re-watched with pleasure from time to time, under a certain mood. A pleasant bonus for music lovers will be the beautiful musical accompaniment, which will add to your personal collection....

Film "Bodyguard": review and interesting facts

"Bodyguard" - a very interesting film with a story. A romantic thriller - already sounds appealing, doesn't it? And the fact that it's starring the unrivalled Whitney HoustonThe soundtrack to this film has become the best-selling album in history. It's not for nothing that the soundtrack to it became one of the best-selling albums in history! But today is not about him.

The love of a bodyguard and a star, marred by danger and everyone's obligation to do their job - this film is far from ordinary melodramas. In addition to chases and shootouts, important social issues such as feelings, caring and betrayal of those closest to ... are touched upon here.

Not just for once: reviewed by FUZZ MUSIC

In a nutshell - the plot of the film centres around a former secret service agent Frank Farmer and superstars Rachel Merronwho's being stalked by a maniac. What is most interesting is that this is one of those films that has received extremely negative reviews from critics and a surprisingly warm reception from the public. It's not the kind of film you'll revisit every year. But it's definitely catchy, and you'll come back to it from time to time. As for the acting and the cast as a whole - here opinions differ, and therefore to taste and colour, as they say....

A still from the film The Bodyguard.
A still from the film The Bodyguard.

But one can't help but give Whitney credit: given that she was, above all else. singerHouston did a great job with her role. She was able to feel the feelings of her character, to get into her story - largely because she was a celebrity herself. She also believably performed the feeling of love and concern, and her performance in the film is above any praise. Therefore, there can be no complaints against her, we feel. Some viewers were not happy with the fact that the lead role was played by a singer - but that was it filmmaker's wish: Mick Jackson From the beginning, he refused actresses, as he wanted to see "lively, relaxed acting" and real emotion.

Kevin Costner is also very good as a bodyguard. Brutal, intelligent and dedicated - it's hard to forget the episode where he and thepass Houston's heroinecovering her from bullets. It's really epic. The soundtrack is also spectacular, all the songs are catchy, and the lead single needs no introduction at all - you just have to admire Whitney's masterful appropriation of it, given that it is a song Dolly Parton. Today's younger generation doesn't even know about it, believing it to be entirely Houston's hit....

Special attention should be paid to film endingwhich left many viewers baffled... The thing is, it's not even the original variation - test audiences hated the original ending, in which Farmer's perished after rescuing Rachel (no wonder why). And so the decision was made that the bodyguard would survive, but... what came of it? They still didn't stay together with Houston's character, and in the finale he showed up at the airport with a bandaged hand. For a minute: at the Oscars, Farmer was clearly shot in the chest and stomach... Oh well.

A still from the film The Bodyguard.
A still from the film The Bodyguard.

Overall a decent film that can be re-watched with pleasure from time to time, in a certain mood. A nice bonus for music lovers will be the wonderful musical accompaniment, which will add to the personal collection of favourite songs of many. And if you are a Houston fan - most likely it will be one of your favourite films. But you shouldn't expect anything supernatural from "Bodyguard" either.

It could have been Ross in Houston's place - little known facts about the creation process

In fact, Bodyguard has been around for a while. in the mid-70s - but in the form of a screenplay. He wrote it Lawrence CazdanHe is best known for his screenplay for the classic Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, it was "The Bodyguard" that was his first feature - and that script almost went off the shelf. Forever. Studios rejected it, and who knows if we'd have this romantic thriller today if Warner Bros. hadn't seen something clingy and appealing in it. The script was finally bought from Kazdan, and soon the idea was born: to make a film on it with the Diana Ross and Steve McQueen. starring in the lead roles! But the idea quickly fell through, as Ross refused to take part in the project. And so, only more than 10 years later, the story was realised - only this time with Houston in the role of a superstar.

A still from the film The Bodyguard.
A still from the film The Bodyguard.

Many people were not happy about the fact that the lead role was taken by a singer and not a professional actress. Whitney realised this herself, and she felt like a bit of a jerk at first a little confused... She even wanted to enrol on an acting course, but director Mick Jackson. forbidden her to do so. Specifically, he told her: "Taking lessons is the last thing you should be doing." He wanted her acting to be natural and lively, as if Whitney were playing herself. And it was the right decision!

In fact, Houston made a huge contribution to this film: in addition to playing the lead role, she gave us a great soundtrackand it was she who insisted that the film's ending be reshot and Frank Farmer stayed alive. So even with no film experience, she did some amazing things that made The Bodyguard a classic of its time and genre.

Princess Diana and Liza Minnelli.
Princess Diana and Liza Minnelli.

At the end of 1997. Kevin Costner stated that at the time of his death. Princess Diana just a few months earlier, he had spoken to her about playing alongside him in a sequel to the film. The role, he said, "would be based on her life in many ways."

"She said: "Look, rewrite this script, and when the new one is ready, I'm ready to work. I'd like it to be based on my own life...'"

According to the actor, the second draft of the script ended up in his hands in three days before Diana's death.

To be an idol is to remain human

During the making of the film, Whitney, despite her real-life superstar statusshe was very relaxed. According to her colleague on the set. Gary Kemp:

"She hung out with the film crew, took her time in her trailer... She even sang songs to us, can you imagine that! One of my most vivid memories is sitting in my trailer at 6am, getting my make-up applied, and her sitting next to me blasting gospel!"

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston

Whitney even found common ground with Devon Nixonwho played the part of her son. They played snowballs together, frolicked in the pool, Whitney sang songs to him and talked about the Bible. And Houston was also very embarrassed to play the kissing scene with Costner. From the latter's recollection:

"Whilst filming the scene she said: "I'm sorry, but I don't want to kiss. Let's just pretend there's something going on between us."

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