Three rousing hits and one poignant Van Halen ballad

Today Van Halen is one of the best-selling rock bands in history, with over 56 million albums sold in the United States alone!

Remember the dynamic rhythms of Van Halen, as well as one beautiful rock ballad about love

Your way Van Halen started out by being "The Mammoths. - Back in 1972, brothers Edward and Alex Van Halen formed their own band called Mammoth. A year later they were joined by David Lee Roth - Later on, a successful solo performer - and soon bassist Michael Anthony joined the lineup as well. So, near the middle of the 70's, the band was born on the Californian scene, and it became a stellar one.

The road to fame was not quick and "at the snap of a finger": at first, the young band achieved recognition not in local venues, performing in California nightclubs tracks of other rock giants, mostly Black Sabbath. Their first demo recording failed miserably, even though it was produced by Gene Simmons - a prominent member of the glam rock movement and a member of the Kiss! But the 1978 debut album made Van Halen world stars. At the turn of the '70s and '80s the band was one of the most successful in rock.

Van Halen
Van Halen

Today Van Halen is one of the most sold items The most famous rock band in history: in the U.S. alone, the circulation of albums is more than 56 million! In this article we decided to remember the three most incendiary hits of the legendary band, as well as a very beautiful romantic ballad... In general - listening promises to be not only pleasant, but also diverse!

"Hot For Teacher."

Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen

In this song, the members of Van Halen share their bold fantasies about schoolteachers! The lyric describes a teenager's attraction to his attractive teacher, and the subtext here, by no means, unequivocal - probably very sexy:

"The teacher needs to see me after school.
I think of all the education I've missed
But my homework was never like this!"

This upbeat song was accompanied by an equally Incendiary clip with beautiful models in bikinis - what teachers! No one would miss a class with those!

"Hot For Teacher." - a very remarkable track! To create the sound of the motorcycle at the beginning of the song, as much as 4 bass drums! It was also the last single released by the original Van Halen lineup. And because of its racy message it was very scandalous - the parents literally revolted against this hit and its music video.


Van Halen
Van Halen

It's literally action track! I don't know what images you conjure up when you listen to "Panama," but the song was written about automobile - he told me about it himself. David Lee Roth. The thing is that the Van Halen singer was accused of singing only about girls, parties and "cars. After realizing that the last point was exaggerated, Roth didn't take long to write a hit about fast cars - Especially since he had been to a race in Las Vegas not long before.

It was that day on the racetrack that David saw a 4-wheeled beauty called "Panama Express. Hence, in general, the title of the song. It is worth noting that "Panama." the singer called his Opel Kadett.

A dizzying music video in which the members of the Halen fooling around and literally float above the ground, lifts the mood no less than the track itself!


Eddie Van Halen in his youth...
Eddie Van Halen as a young man

In general, the album "1984" was rich in hits - it's not for nothing that the record is the most successful in the California rock band's career! And "Jump", the main single from it, was dubbed a powerful hit song long ago! The song quickly became international hit and made it to the top of the American Billboard Hot 100 - the dream of any artist.

David Lee Roth Dedicated this masterpiece "The Leap" To Benjamin "Benny" Gilbert Urquidez - to a martial arts master, of whom he himself was once a pupil. But the most interesting thing about the story of this hit is the music video. Not really standing out among hundreds of other hard rock videos, it was nominated for three MTV awards and even won one! Its number of views is skyrocketing every year - just a little bit more, and 200 million!

"When It's Love."

I would like to conclude our driving selection with a more heartfelt and profound piece. With the ballad "When It's Love.

"When It's Love." - one of the most beautiful ballads of its genre. And a worthy addition to Van Halen's repertoire, of course.


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