"I recognised only Gagarin. He sang with three voices at once!": how Galkin conquered the Golos show

Maxim Galkin has always been able to surprise the public. Every appearance of the artist on stage is accompanied by intrigue - you never know what to expect from Galkin, but because of his charisma, even the strangest experiment raises the mood. His performance at the Voice show was no exception, everyone loved it and it became one of the most popular in the history of the 5th season of the Voice show!

Golos best: Maxim Galkin's performance on the show Golos

Talented people are talented at everything. It's not always true, but in this case the phrase fits one hundred per cent.

In 2016, public favourite The Voice came to the 5th season of the show nugget: artist, humourist, TV presenter, showman and singer - Maxim Galkin. This is someone who really shines with his talents.

In order to emphasise talent Galkin chose a difficult song - "Soll ich dich. Teurer, nicht mehr sehn..." - a tercet to Pamina, Tamino and Zarastro from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute. The difficulty was that the song, in general. not designed to be performed by a single vocalist.

Maxim Galkin on The Voice
Maxim Galkin on The Voice

It's an odd choice for a Voice show, but Galkin. used to surprise the audience. He came out and started singing in different voices, as if communicating with himself in the song. In general, "Soll ich dich. Teurer, nicht mehr sehn..." should be sung by several vocalists. In the opera The Magic Flute, this song is a conversation between lovers at the moment of separation, into which later on intervene the other characters in the opera.

Take a look at how the separation scene from The Magic Flute looks when performed by professional opera artists:

Here the tercet was sung by well-known vocalists: Sophie Karthäuser (the girl in the pink dress - Pamina), Harry Peters (the guy - Zarasto) and Topi Lehtipuu (as Tamino).

Despite the fact that Galkin sang it all oneand it came out beautifully. But the mentors sensed that there was something wrong. Polina Gagarina realised that someone was singing familiar. She started running through the options in her head, and after a couple of seconds, she shrieked:

"It's Galkin!"

Polina Gagarina on The Voice
Polina Gagarina recognised Galkin almost immediately

The button was pressed next by Dima Bilan, who was in complete shock when he saw Galkin. Leps and Agutin were barely holding on. At one point Leps even started singing along.

When Galkin finished singing, the mentors clapped standing, cheered the whole hall, and Galkin began to jokingly talk in different voices:

"I don't even know which one of us they turned to? To me! No, it was to me! There were three of us!"

Galkin then continued joke:

"I came here because I am from the Moscow region, from a simple village, my wife sings, she sent me here..."

Because of Maxim Galkin's incredible charisma and talent, this performance became one of the most popular for the whole 5th season of the project! On YouTube under the video with the performance has gained almost 20 million views, 240 thousand likes, and it is absolutely deservedly.


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