Top best songs of the delightful pop diva of Russia Yulia "Zivert"

Julia Sievert is the best: listen and enjoy...

The main hits of the Russian singer Yulia Zivert (Zivert)

Julia Sievert - a popular Russian pop singer who won public recognition in 2019 year with a hit single Life! A flight attendant in the past, today Zivert boasts a huge army of fans (only on the official YouTube-channel girls about million subscribers...) Her masterpiece music videos get millions of views, and she herself has become an icon of style and femininity. With all that, this successful performer has no professional music education! But her success story just once again proves that it's not education that matters, but a person's mind and soul...

Through the years of amateur singing Zivert has formed her own unique style that has appealed to a wide audience! Ready to enjoy some of her best songs? Then we're off! These are the main hits of the Russian singer Julia Sievert, that are definitely worth listening to!

"Beverly Hills"

This composition 2019 was the third single from her debut studio album Vinyl No1. A little later this track was included in the top 100 Russian songs of 2020! Sievert has repeatedly performed "Beverly Hills" live, a vivid example of this is her performance at the White Nights music festival in St. Petersburg, dedicated to 25th anniversary of Russian Radio!

As for the music video, according to the singer, it turned out to be the most difficult for her to shoot. The touching plot unfolds before us the story of a couple in love, who dreams of moving to an American city. Beverly Hills. To earn money for the trip, Zivert dances in nightclubs while her lover engages in underground fights. In less than 24 hours, the video gained 200 thousands of views. Listen to Sievert online:

"Beverly Hills" - a song about those who live with their hearts regardless of people's opinions, and still believe in a fairy tale ... Only two hearts in the world know what's inside ... ”Julia herself commented.

"Techno" (feat. 2 Lyama)

“She loves techno and sends those to…” — the first lines of the track instantly stick in your memory! The song was recorded Sievert together with the Ukrainian duet "2 Lyama". Turn the sound up to maximum and immerse yourself in the "techno vacuum...". Listen to Sievert online:


Another amazing composition from Zivert under a nice name "Ocean". Julia sings:

"How brave are you?
How did you deceive the element
I'm on the shore
The ocean is yours...


And this track successfully complemented the eponymous mini-album of the singer 2018 years… The number of plays on the official YouTube channel has crossed the threshold of 6 million. Listen to Sievert online:

"Everything is allowed"

Great pop track presented to the public in 2019 year! Listen to Sievert online:

"Wind of Change" (feat. Sokolow)

And this magnificent composition sounded in the famous television series "Chernobyl 2. Exclusion Zone". Amazing track with insightful lyrics:

"The Earth is spinning (The Earth is spinning)
Like a child's carousel (Like a child's carousel)
A above the Earth (A above the Earth)
The winds of loss are circling (The winds of loss are circling) ... "

On YouTube the track has been listened to almost 8 million times... And it seems that this mark is not the limit! Listen to Sievert online:


"Anesthesia" one of the first songs Julia Sievert in her career! The composition brought her a lot of popularity, and her fiery and colorful music video got more than 5 million views.

"Want more"

track from EP "Shine", a clip that was watched by more than 100 million people ... A masterpiece, what else can I add!

"Green Waves"

One of the most famous compositions of the singer, which almost immediately after the release caused a lot of discussion around her ... Particular attention is drawn to the clip, the main character of which is pink A raccoon named Benedict! Benedict is struggling to achieve the location of a strong and self-confident girl, but ... it does not work out well for him. Such an unusual plot was perceived by the public ambiguously: someone regarded it as an indicator of an unhealthy mind ... But this is not so. As the singer herself said, Benedict personifies faith in miracles! This is the most ordinary guy who dreams of love, but he is not lucky ... The girl he so hard seeks is also very lonely, she is just afraid to show it to the public. This is the main problem of modern society.


This track hardly needs to be introduced, as it has long become a hallmark of the repertoire Zivert! It's the song Life brought Julia the popularity and fame that every artist dreams of ... The clip, which gained almost 100 million views, was filmed in Hong Kong. According to the performer, "Life" is her state of mind at that time.


Composition 2019 year with no less popular on YouTube clip!


And this is a single 2020 year, which tells the tragic story of relationships: both partners hurt each other ... A black-and-white clip was filmed for the track, according to the plot of which Yulia works as a waitress in a restaurant called "Love". Video directed by Alexey Kupriyanov.


Song "YATL" was released as a single Valentine's Day! According to the singer, it is dedicated to all lovers ...


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