"The Beautiful British Invasion - Popular British Singers of the Beatles Era: Part Two

Some of them have faded into obsolescence, some have built successful careers, and some have simply made a name for themselves, primarily through their relationships with popular rockers, and then through their music. Nevertheless, each of these women were important to history in their own way. And today we continue to remember their names and achievements...

Best singers of the British Invasion era: list, photos and facts, hits and videos - part two

The British Invasion - the best thing that happened to the music industry in the 20th century. It's a whole musical chapter that changed the course of events, rewriting the history of rock and popular music. The main stars of the invasion were and still are The BeatlesThe band was the most iconic band in history. Their influence was too great, and in just a few years new names burst onto the scene, many of which eventually became household names.

There were some charming "starlets" in the British Invasion era. performerswho left their bright mark. Some of them have faded into obsolescence, some have built successful careers, and some have simply made a name for themselves, first through their relationships with popular rockers and then through their music. Nevertheless, each of these women were important to history in their own way. And today we continue to remember their names and achievements...

Cilla Black

Cilla Black
Cilla Black

The Liverpool native, who got her name from having her last name misspelled in a newspaper Cilla Black is one of the most important women of the British Invasion era. She started out small, working as a waitress or checkroom attendant in nightclubs, occasionally singing with future stars on the world stage. One day she had the chance to sing with by the early Beatlesand it was this one in a million chance. The redheaded and charismatic girl caught the manager's eye Brian Epsteinwho saw potential in her and took her under his wing. That's how the story began...

As a result, Black has become incredibly prolific British star of the '60s: almost 20 of her singles were in the top 40, and two of them even reached the first line. Her concerts were sold out and her albums were sold out! In her old age, she continued to defy old age by releasing great tracks. Alas, she passed away in 2015 at the age of 72.

Christine McVie

Christine McVie
Christine McVie

The Violinist's Daughter, Young Christine McVie planned to tie her life to the visual arts, in particular sculpture. But who are we compared to fate, which can turn all our plans upside down overnight? So, all of a sudden, at the end of the '60s, Christine joined her first band and became a bassist, after which she began her steady musical journey...

It all ended with the talented blonde releasing a solo debut album, marrying the John McVie and joined his group Fleetwood MacIn the course of which she wrote great songs for many years.

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull...
Marianne Faithfull

Pretty Woman Marianne Faithfull is known to many for her novel with Mick Jaggerof which she remained a muse for a long time. But this woman has a fascinating story of her own, both creative and personal. The daughter of a British spy and an Austrian baroness, her biography already sounds like a perfect movie script! However, she led an unrestrained and truly rock'n'roll lifestyle, hung out with the icons of her time and... recorded extensively!

At the tender age of 16, Faithfull was discovered by the manager of The Rolling Stones at a party, and then a new chapter began in her life. She began releasing her own records, and her style spanned alternative, blues and jazz. She managed to earn a high-profile name, and was a media darling for a long time.

Petula Clark

Petula Clark
Petula Clark

Delightful Petula Clark began her career long before the British invasion, namely during the Second World War, at the age of 10: the girl sang on BBC radio and quickly became a sensation. She was nicknamed "the British Shirley Temple."And in part this title was justified. Already at the age of 12 Clark was performing in public, and during the Beatlemania she became one of the most talented singers of her time and genre.

Petula captivated the audience with her talent as well as exquisitelywhich was reinforced by French-language songs. She recorded a host of hits, including her most famous "Downtown.". She has also established herself as a charismatic actress and just a woman of the world, which is to say!

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield performing in concert
Dusty Springfield

Perhaps the most popular singer from the British Invasion is Dusty Springfieldwhose career spanned more than a decade! Unlike the rest, Springfield was able to stay in the industry and earn a name that is known around the world. Since the star's death, her work has only gained weight...

She has been called one of the greatest performers in history: Springfield has recorded a number of hit songs, and her truly distinctive raw voice has become the signature thing for which audiences have come to love her so much. She has collaborated with some now well-known artists (including the Pet Shop Boys), sold multi-million copies worldwide and became pop and soul music legend.

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