"The Beautiful British Invasion - Popular British Singers of the Beatles Era: Part One

Some of them turned out to be one-hit performers, while others earned a big name and built a successful career.

Best singers of the British Invasion era: list, photos and facts, hits and videos - part one

When it comes to popular music of the '60s years, a period often referred to as the The British Invasionthe first thing that comes to mind is The Beatles. This is truly legendary and the first band in many senses of the word to rewrite history! It was followed by such now iconic monsters of classic rock as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Black Sabbath and so on. However, it wasn't just men who were popular in the industry of those years...

Some of them turned out to be one-hit performers, while others earned a big name and built a successful career. WomenThe "I'm going to talk about today" was an important part of the The British Invasion. And here are the most popular ones!

Mary Hopkin

Mary Hopkin
Mary Hopkin

This delicate blonde was discovered by the model Twiggywho, in turn, told us about her Paul McCartney. Okay, pretty girl. Mary Hopkin became a protégé of the iconic Beatle, with whom she recorded some of her best early songs in the vein of "Those Were the Days". Their collaboration had friction, but still turned out to be a success. And it ignited a new British star!

Hopkin became famous for being one of the first artists to record material on The Beatles' own label! It's about Apple. She also represented Great Britain at the "The 1970 Eurovision Song Contestand even won second place with the song "Knock Knock Who's There". Mary subsequently left the stage to concentrate on her family, but continued to record extensively over the years.

Kiki D.

Kiki D.
Kiki D.

Charismatic Kiki D. won her first and, in fact, her only great popularity thanks to her beautiful duet with Elton John! The way they performed together "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", delighted the public and went down in history. Alas, it was also the only notable episode in Dee's career for a wide audience...

Kiki D. In fact, she has always been a very talented and tenacious performer. She recorded tirelessly, even as a session musician. She also made history as the first British artist to sign a contract with the Motown label Tamla Records. Years later, Dee teamed up with Elton again to perform a cover of Cole Porter's popular hit "True Love.". It has certainly been underestimated by many, which is grossly unfair.

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw
Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw has been called one of the best singers to come out of the British Invasion! With such standout hits as. "Long Live Love" and "Puppet on a String" - monster single, which became her biggest-selling hit and the winner of the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest - she quickly became an audience favorite. And, of course, because of her charming looks...

Shaw really had it all, from her pronounced talent to her outward attractiveness. An ordinary girl from the working class managed to reach great heights and become part of the history of the industry. Subsequently, Sandy founded her own fashion brand.


Singer Lulu
Singer Lulu

Charming Lulu She conquered the audience almost instantly: bright, cheerful, radiant, and talented at the same time - she has a loud international hit "To Sir With Love"Lulu's own show on British TV, as well as many other projects. Later on Lulu had her own show on British TV, and many other projects. She is also known for her musical theme for the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun".

In addition to her talent, Lulu was a media favorite because of her affair with By Maurice Gibb, a member of the Bee Gees. She was also on friendly terms with David Bowie, who produced her cover "The Man Who Sold the World".

The Breakaways

The Breakaways
The Breakaways

We decided to complete the list with an entire group called The Breakaways. You may not have heard of her, but in fact she has made a tremendous contribution to The British Invasion and culture in general. Formed in 1962, today this band is almost unknown to anyone. But in its time it was popular during the studio sessions of other artists, and apart from that it recorded on its own. The Breakaways also toured with Sam Cooke and Little Richard.

The Breakaways were the UK's leading session vocalists throughout the 1960s, though often not even mentioned in the credits. But even though they were in the shadows, they made significant contributions to the British pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s.

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