Top 5 most important records in the metal genre according to Fuzz Music magazine

Today we decided to recall the most important and relevant to this day records in the metal genre, which everyone must listen to at least once in his life.

The best albums in the metal genre: list, artists, history and facts, tracks

Few people think about it, but the conflict the U.S. fomented in Vietnam directly affected music. It was because of this that in the 1960s rock The hippie idealism was fading, and the world was beginning to see the real horrors of the day... A darker, "darker road" began for the genre. The evolution both sound and lyrics.

As the Woodstock generation matured, another version of rock 'n' roll emerged: with heavier guitar tones, ominous vocals, and lyrics that frightened teenagers. Though it may not have had a name at the time, the first seeds of metal were planted in those days, and the genre would evolve even further over the next few decades. Today, we've decided to take a look back at the most important and relevant to this day, records in the genre metalthat everyone must listen to at least once in their lives.

Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath album cover
Black Sabbath album cover

Certainly: this is the record without which any such list would be blank. Perhaps that's where the story began metal - or at least with its performers, who were among the first to bring the world of rock "the new darker tones".. To participants Black Sabbath They had nothing to lose: they all lived poor, had problems of one kind or another, had to work and dream of better things... If the audience had not accepted their material, they probably would not have been too upset. They enjoyed recording their tracks, because with them they were sharing their experiences, views, and feelings with the world...

Debut record of 1970 blew the audience away! It was unheard of - brilliant, yet incredibly raw guitar riffs, as well as a roaring rendition of OsborneThe lyrics were so bleak that the band immediately earned their place. And the lyrics were so dark that the band instantly earned themselves "unholy" reputation for many years to come.

Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast"

iron maiden 2
Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden became known as one of the most popular bands in the metal scene almost immediately, as soon as they started playing with the vocalist Paul D'Anno at the microphone! But just when they replaced it Bruce Dickinsonthey really made a loud statement to the whole world. And their first album with the new lineup "The Number of the Beast - is a vivid proof of that.

Absolutely every track on this record allows the listener not just to understand, but to feel what Maiden were throughout their career. It's powerful, and again, not hippie, but very grim lyrics, heartfelt narration, and fierce guitar playing.

Judas Priest - "Screaming for Vengeance"

Judas Priest
Judas Priest

"Screaming for Vengeance" is often called one of the greatest metal albums in history and, accordingly, is included in all sorts of ratings. We also decided to mention this wonderful record, which became a favorite of the genre's fans.

From start to finish, almost every track here is a hallmark of what this ferocious band has always been capable of. Rage, tempo, passion - all key elements Judas Priest in one bottle! Surely you were expecting to see the much acclaimed classic "British Steel."? Well: we decided it would be too predictable... Clearly, it's a masterpiece. But we shouldn't overlook other quality records!

Def Leppard - "Pyromania"

The cover of the "Pyromania" album by Def Leppard
The cover of the "Pyromania" album by Def Leppard

One of the most legendary of its genre, the album "Pyromania." never ceases to delight music lovers! This is an amazing record that combines several opposing influences at once.

It was one of the first glam metal albums that actually offered something a little more interesting than just a bunch of "panting" riffs for a few minutes straight. These guys were as much Bowie fans as Sabbath, and who's to say that the light and dark sides of rock and roll can't mix now and then? Especially when the result could be cool

Metallica - "The Black Album"

Metallica (1991)
Metallica" album (1991)

At Metallica enough good albums, but there is one that is wildly popular to this day. And that's the so-called "The Black Album"The album was recorded during the darkest times for the band. At that time, at the height of the 90s, the metal idols were literally at a crossroads, having lost their bass player forever. Cliff Burton... But it's at times like this that the group faces a choice: all or nothing.

Metallica chose the former. They didn't do it consciously, though. Initially they "warmed up the ground" by releasing "...And Justice for All", and later they introduced their legendarily famous "Black Album". The work demonstrated the evolution, the band's openness to experimentation, and surprised the audience with new notes in the sound. The album includes gorgeous tracks, almost each of which has already become classics of the genre.

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