'Introduced him to art': the most amazing woman in Michael Jackson's life

"When I think of her, I feel her. We have a cosmic connection..."

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross - love and friendship, history and facts

Michael Jackson - An unrivalled pop king, a legend of his time and genre, whose name has become a household name in the industry. Diane Ross - a legendary female icon who has never been equalled. "The most successful singer of all time" - that's how she entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1993. Given their tremendous success, it's no wonder the two got along well and were on the same wavelength.

As Michael once said:

"When I think of her, I feel her. We have a cosmic connection..."

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross
Michael Jackson and Diana Ross

Their warm and very close relationship keeps the public awake to this day. Love? Friendship? Care and respect? What really happened between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross - tell us below.

Background and first acquaintance

Diane Ross
Diane Ross

Diane began her road to fame in the late '50s in Detroit, starting a band with her friends that would later become the The Supremes. This all-female band is well known to the world, and it's hard to call it just a "trend" of its time.

Firstly, the band made a huge impact and contribution to the industry. And secondly, they gave young Ross a ticket to the future! After topping the Billboard Hot 100 more than 10 times, The Supremes have cemented their status as the of the most successful Girlz Band Decades.

Diana Ross when she was younger.
Diana Ross when she was younger.

Nevertheless, Diana dreamed of a solo career. And she built it - with a multi-million circulation, loads of awards, hit tracks and legions of fans all over the world. She's also established herself as a talented actress. Her best known roles are. "The Lady Sings the Blues" and "Wiz.". At the turn of the millennium she was dubbed the most successful singer in history, but then she finally reached the peak of her fame and with the advent of the 2000s she never reached the top of the charts... But all this is a preface.

At the time of their first meeting, Diane was 25 years old and a 14 years older Michael. This happened in 1969: it was then that the already famous Ross represented the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show, their first major show, thus opening the door to their big future....

Later on, Michael spent some time was staying with DianeHe was a young man who had been living in California for many years. This period made a special impression on the future pop king, as a result of which Ross became for him a "friend", "girlfriend" and "mother" in one person. This was confirmed by Michael's real mother, who once said:

"You won't be beautiful until you look like Diane!" he teased La Toya and Janet."

The story of an uneasy relationship

A young Michael Jackson and Diana Ross
A young Michael Jackson and Diana Ross

Michael was clearly in love with Diane. But exactly how he felt about her was a question he couldn't seem to answer for himself. She was his muse, his ideal, his idol, his mentor, his mother figure... As far as we know, he wanted to marry her. But Diane had never taken him seriously. To her, he was a sort of younger brother.

"We had a great time together. Michael and I had a lot of unique moments... We had the same energy and we were floating on the same wave."

A young Michael Jackson and Diana Ross
A young Michael Jackson and Diana Ross

Michael was known to carry a picture of Diane around with him, and on the album cover. "HIStory." even left her a warm message. Together they starred in the film "Wiz" and, according to people close to them, spent the whole night in the same hotel room. When an assistant asked Michael the next morning if something had happened between them, Michael said: "You'll have to ask her about that." When he asked Ross, the latter replied that he should ask Michael ....

Gradually their magic faded away. But they still loved each other - each in their own way. Diana started a family and settled in Europe while Michael's love life failed. Many believe that in his heart he still loved Ross, and for this reason he could not build a serious relationship with another woman. He once told a journalist:

"I fell in love with her and she with me and we were very close for a long time. Over time, the relationship developed into a good friendship. But she was my first love. When I heard that Diane was getting married, I was happy for her because I knew it would make her very happy. However, it was hard for me because I have always loved Diane and always will..."

In conclusion

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross
Michael Jackson and Diana Ross

Michael and Diane could have been a great couple, because even their energy was really the same. In fact, rumour has it that it was Ross who became his role modeland that Jackson wanted to be as cool as she was. Alas, they failed to build a romantic union, although they managed to keep their warm feelings for each other and carry them through the years.

I guess Michael trusted no one as much as he trusted Diane. In his will, she was appointed the guardian of his childrenin case his mum couldn't look after them any more. And even though it was never needed, the fact that Jackson entrusted Ross with his children says a lot....


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