Music and Songs from the series "Mediator" (OST Mediator)

"You will do what I say"

Soundtracks from the series "Plectrum" (2021)

In the new series "Mediator» (OST Mediator) contains many soundtracks and popular music, songs of different genres are played, which instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of drama. The protagonist of the painting "Mediator" Andrey Pavlov presented as a professional in his field, an experienced negotiator, this was facilitated by skills training at the Academy under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With his help, the hostages are rescued, as he can easily resolve any conflict.

Along the way, he is also engaged in business, the bottom line is that he comes to the aid of the rich in the event that, when making a deal, the partners cannot agree. There are no misfires with him, Andrey can settle any dispute, partners agree, transactions are made, and Andrey Pavlov receives a considerable jackpot for his services. Moreover, with each transaction, Andrei is always different, he has developed a talent for reincarnation since childhood, since he had a difficult relationship with his mother at that time.

Therefore, Pavlov had to make a lot of efforts in his youth, first to develop intuition, to be a good actor, to learn to understand people well. He is used to don't trust anyone, sometimes it seems to him that he does not even trust himself. For him, there are no taboos, for Pavlov it is in the order of things to cross the boundaries of what is permitted, and he does all this in order to achieve his goal.

It is worth noting that the soundtracks from the TV series "Mediator» (OST Mediator) were chosen well, the music is remembered for a long time. We have selected a complete list of soundtracks from the series "Mediator" (OST Mediator): listen online full soundtrack playlist.

The Venice Connection – The Time Of Our Lives (Music from The Pick)

Miley Cyrus - Time Of Our Lives

Allan Rayman – Left Alone (Plectrum Soundtrack OST)

Hadn dadn - We're Home Today ("Plectrum" soundtrack OST)

Nedra - Carrion (Mediator OST soundtrack)

Klava Koka - Drunk Home (Song from the TV series "Mediator")

Sobakasoma - Dusty Lips (Soundtrack to the movie "Plectrum")

ZOLOTO - Ribs (Music from the series "Plectrum" 2021)

Give me a tank - People (Music from the film "Plectrum")

Green Point Orchestra - 6 Utra

Race to Space - Endless Dream (Music from The Pick 2021)

Nigative - Spring (Song from the movie "Mediator")

Polnalyubvi - Chapiteau (Music from the TV series "Mediator")

Sobakasoma - Mama feat. Papa

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