The real reason David Bowie wore an eye patch

Why David Bowie wore an eye patch, and where the pirate "Halloween Jack" came from: History and Facts

In his 1974 song "Diamond Dogs the legendary rock chameleon David Bowie sings:

"Halloween Jack is a really cool dude.
He lives on the roof of a skyscraper,
Which formerly housed the Chase Manhattan Bank..."

This song was a worthy adornment of the album of the same name with a rather colorful and at the same time Scandalous cover. But more importantly, it gave the world a new character in the form of a space pirate named Halloween Jack. A lover of extravagant changes in appearance, Bowie did not miss the chance, and appeared before the public in a new role and... with. an eye patch. But what is the real reason for this accessory, because originally it should not have been there?


David Bowie
David Bowie

Bowie was known for creating various characters throughout his career, including Ziggy Stardust and the Emaciated White Dukebut another little-known alter ego, Halloween Jack, came to life during graduation "Diamond Dogs. The character's clothing, which retained some stylistic elements of Ziggy, included a distinctive eye patch that combined with the rest of his image to give Bowie a space-age pirate atmosphere that matched the musical themes he was exploring at the time.

David Bowie
David Bowie

David Bowie He found inspiration in all kinds of things, from paintings to clothes. But most of all he was inspired by books and films. For example, the famous album "Diamond Dogs 1974 The year was born under the strong impression of several things: George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece 1984, writer William Burroughs' The Wild Boys, a post-apocalyptic novel where street gangs rule, and Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

All these influences came together in the framework of the "Diamond Dogs."but the original idea was a little different...

Denial, but not of the idea

devid boui 4
David Bowie

In 1973, David Bowie worked on the songs for the theatrical production of "1984"but the author's widow, Sonia Orwell, refused to give the eccentric artist permission. With no other outlet for the work he began on songs on the theme of the beloved novel, ideas found their way together with influences from The Wild Boys and A Clockwork Orange in what became the concept album Diamond Dogs.

"They were both strong works of art, especially Burroughs' wild boy gangs with their Bowie knives," the artist later recounted.


The whole musical blockbuster came out of all this, where Halloween Jack leads a youth gang, the Diamond Dogs, in a post-apocalyptic place called Hungry City. The costume, which defined Bowie's alter ego "Halloween Jack," emphasized the pirate aspect of the character. But where did the eye patch?

The real reason Bowie wore an eye patch

devid boui 8
David Bowie

Bowie's alter ego "Halloween Jack." It didn't last long, but the public remembered him for his bright red hair, shaved eyebrows, geometric shirt, cropped wide pants, platform shoes and long scarf, and the eye patch... Yes, it was impossible to forget this character. Bowie revealed him to the world on February 13, 1974, when he performed at Top Popby performing "Rebel Rebel.", the first single from the album.

You can easily decide that the headband is a pre-planned part of the image. But it wasn't. Years later, Freddie Buretti, Bowie's friend and former member of one of his early accompaniment bands, who created the clothes for the alter ego Halloween Jack, said: the eye patch was not originally an element of the outfit. It was medically necessary.

"Then David had conjunctivitis, a common infection that can have various causes, including a virus, and has unpleasant symptoms: mucus accumulation, swelling and redness of the protein, and so on..."

So - the blindfold was not a stage fad at all, but an important element to protect the sore eye. Eventually Bowie's eye went away, and he soon got rid of the blindfold and then of Halloween Jack in favor of the Emaciated White Duke. However, many people remembered the image, but few knew its full origin story...

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