"Pulp Fiction" is a "cheap" Tarantino classic.

It's hard to believe, but the movie was made with a very limited budget - only 8 million dollars! And if this amount seems acceptable to you - it's worth noting that only 5 million of it went to the actors' fees.... What came out of it? Let's find out!

The movie "Pulp Fiction": review, facts, filming

"Crime novel" sounds like some kind of catchphrase. Remarkably, the title of a cult classic Quentin Tarantino refers us to the cheap tabloids, which in their time were full of crime fiction stories and were in great demand among the general public. And who would have thought that with the help of his movie Tarantino decided to share his own view of the old "crime fiction", which was sold on every corner of America. But, of course, not only the yellow press was the basis of the masterpiece - rather, it only gave a boost to the idea itself.

Today, this movie is so phenomenal and massive In terms of its popularity, there is no need to talk about it - "Pulp Fiction" was watched by everyone, and every third person revisits it almost year after year! And this masterpiece was born completely by chance - from trifles, lucky coincidences and... extremely.... low budget. But first things first.

The easiest crime movie ever: reviewed by FUZZ MUSIC

"Pulp Fiction" ("Pulp Fiction" 1994)
"Pulp Fiction" ("Pulp Fiction" 1994)

"Pulp Fiction" is the rare case where watching it not hard (well, if you know what we mean). Despite the formidable title, this is an easy-to-watch picture that can be described as a good choice for a fall Friday night! It's full of accessible humor, genuinely funny scenes, and excellent music: yes - old Quentin's taste in music was always good.

Of course, no one canceled the epicness of the scenes, as well as the sharpness of the plot itself: this is hardly the most suitable movie for children, say. However, older viewers will rather laugh heartily than experience any negative emotions. And, of course, they will get aesthetic pleasure: the way Tarantino conveys the story through the camera - all his chips, his play with colors and shapes, and a lot of pop culture references - deserves a special admiration! Perhaps this is what makes his films so successful and long-lasting, and makes him the most recognizable director of our time....

A masterpiece that was born out of nothing

Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino

Today, directors often complain: they say that the movie is a failure because of the condition of the movie budget shortfall! It is not surprising: in the era of technological progress there is a real battle, a race between artists: who special effects will be more dynamic, the picture more juicy, worlds more fantastic ... But Tarantino did not complain about the low budget: he just took and created, starting from what is available. And "Pulp Fiction" was no exception....

It's hard to believe, but the movie was made on an extremely limited budget - a mere 8 million dollars! And if this amount seems acceptable to you - it is worth noting that only 5 million of it went to actors' fees ... To give you a better understanding of the deplorability of the situation - in the 1990s, the average budget of Hollywood films was about 50 million dollars. So there you go. And now remember what juicy scenes and gorgeous atmospheric episodes were shown in the picture? That's what talent is, as well as a sincere desire to do something realistic standing. Against the background of such films, the complaints of modern directors seem ridiculous ... By the way: "Pulp Fiction" not just paid off the budget - box office receipts exceeded all expectations: $213 million! Is it deserved? Definitely.

Who stole Tarantino's car?

The movie's payback came in handy, as soon after its release Tarantino's carjacking - that convertible 1964 Chevelle Malibuthat Vincent Vega drove! Yes, it was the director's car, and apparently someone in the audience liked it very much....

A still from the movie Pulp Fiction.
A still from the movie Pulp Fiction.

It was not discovered until more than 20 years later. Nowadays, the convertible has been found - by a certain Bill Hemenes of San Leandro, California, spent more than $40,000 to restore a classic car he had owned for a dozen years before police told him it was a famous car with a notorious...

Random ideas are the best ideas!

It's no secret that the theme of everything "forbidden" dominates this film, acting as the driving force behind the plot and thus the key to a number of ironically humorous scenes... As it turns out, Tarantino wrote the script of this future classic in Amsterdam, which explains a lot. After the huge success of his debut movie. "Mad Dogs." director, with the money he's just earned. $50,000, went on an impromptu three-month vacation to the capital of the Netherlands, known for its nightlife...

Gorgeous John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Frame from the movie Pulp Fiction
Gorgeous John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Frame from the movie Pulp Fiction

What was Quentin doing there? It's funny, but the fact is, he spent his days in a one-room apartment. without a fax machine or phonewhere he wrote the first draft of Pulp Fiction. His day consisted of getting up and immediately writing his ideas in a notebook, then walking along the canal and drinking copious amounts of coffee before returning to his apartment to write again. The first draft numbered a staggering 500 pages.! No doubt some of the events of that vacation informed the script, such as Vince's thoughts on bars and how McDonald's in Europe is only slightly different from McDonald's in America. By the way about burgers

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie is the scene in which Samuel L. Jackson eats hamburger. What's curious - it was born right at the auditions, and wasn't originally planned. From the producer's recollection:

"Sam comes in with a hamburger in one hand and a drink in the other. He walked in and just started sipping his shake, biting into the hamburger and looking at all of us like we owed him. It scared the hell out of me. I thought this guy was going to shoot me in the head. His eyes popped out of his orbits. And he just stole the part..."


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