"Oppenheimer": a "pro-Russian" Hollywood Film

How many people would go to a biographical film about a nuclear physicist? Well, if only the most interested. And so - a lot of people were interested to see what kind of picture it was that even got banned....

Oppenheimer film: review, facts, trailer, actors

The summer of 2023 was remembered by the general public with the high-profile release of two films, about which the press did not stop writing for months: we are talking about "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer.". But the most ironic thing is that both films were banned from Russian distribution because, according to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, neither of them fulfils "the goals and objectives of preserving and strengthening traditional Russian spiritual and moral values". Although, perhaps, the most comical thing in this whole story is not even this, but the fact that, in the end, both Hollywood hit songs are quietly playing in Russian cinemas (so what kind of bans are we talking about?).

But here's the best part: according to most critics and viewers themselves, "Oppenheimer" is the most anything but "pro-Russian" Hollywood film! If you familiarise yourself with its plot, and pay special attention to some details, it is amazing how this picture has not been banned in the West! And what did it not please our Ministry of Culture? Anyway, let's find out...

"Double Impression": review by FUZZ MUSIC

Over the past few months a huge number of reviews have been written on "Oppenheimer", so - we are not the first, we are not the last. And yet - I would like to make my contribution, to share my own feelings about this film, which is actively beating box office records: box office collections are inexorably approaching a billion dollars, a colossal figure considering the budget was only 100 million.

A still from the film "Oppenheimer."
A still from the film "Oppenheimer."

If you're a history buff, you'll be interested in this film, because (as you can easily guess from the title) the plot is centred around a not-so-famous figure - the creator of the atomic bomb Robert Oppenheimer. However, his personality is presented on the screen rather ambiguously: on the one hand, he is portrayed as a hero! On the other hand - a mentally ill man who regretted his development to the end of his days... However, this state of affairs gives the viewer the right to choose for himself, who is Oppenheimer for him - a psycho or a genius?

As for the production, it's top-notch: a lovely old-timey atmosphere, a competent and well-crafted script, an emphasis on the right details, and enjoyable storytelling at its best "old Hollywood." (well, we'd call it that): it doesn't try to twist the story into a new way, diluting it with black people, body-positivists and so on (as it is fashionable to do today). And that can't help but make me happy, honestly! If only because of this, the film deserves to be seen, and its director is worth watching Christopher Nolan - respect and praise. Not surprisingly, it is already rated on CinemaPoix at 8.5 points!

And yet - for all its advantages and deep historically biographical subject matter - than the picture of the displeased to the Russian Ministry of Culture?

What's Oppenheimer got against Russia

No one has heard an unequivocal answer from the said Ministry of Culture, but the first thing that comes to mind is that the film's American. Yes, we could assume that Oppenheimer's notoriety and disastrously dangerous for all living things is to blame, but then why was the comedy film Barbie banned along with it? It's not about bombs, and there are no references to history... This theory takes on a very comical appearance, given that even in the USSR, at the height of the so-called "Cold War", American films were broadcast - and they did not violate anything in the opinion of the Soviet leadership.

A still from the film "Oppenheimer."
A still from the film "Oppenheimer."

Well, that's just one of many assumptions that don't even belong to us, but to the people: if you read the forums and comments under other articles on the subject, then one will find a number of entertaining theories

A still from the film "Oppenheimer."
A still from the film "Oppenheimer."

Another one of these, by the way, was the following: the film was banned in order to the opposite - to attract to it increased attention. And really: how many people would go to a biographical film about a nuclear physicist? Well, if only the most interested. And so - many people were curious to see what kind of picture it was that was even banned! However, another question arises from all this: why should the Ministry of Culture inflame people's curiosity? Also a good topic for reflection....

What do you think: what caused the ban (which, however, does not exist, as the film is quietly playing in Russian cinemas)? Share your own opinions in the comments, as well as your viewing impressions - if, of course, you've already had a chance to watch "Oppenheimer".

Why "pro-Russian"?

It's funny, but after watching this. "banned" filmMany viewers commented that it was strange that it was banned in our country and not in the USA! After all, to some extent, "Oppenheimer" can be called "pro-Russian". And here's why .

Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Oppenheimer

Yes, unquestionably: Robert Oppenheimer became the pride of the United States because he invented the first nuclear weapons! However, few people know that from a young age Robert held communist views and befriended people who shared his views. In 1942, he said that he was "a member of almost every fake communist organisation on the West Coast", and for the rest of his life was on the hook for the FBI, which relentlessly monitored his every move. As you know - in America there has always been a fierce struggle against the Communists. And it's all beautifully portrayed in Nolan's film.

So it turns out that Hollywood made a film about a nuclear physicist who was a communist at heart, and everyone in the West loved it! But in Russia it was banned. It's all quite interesting and a bit comical, don't you think?


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