The coolest punk rockers in history according to Fuzz Music Magazine - Part One

According to the beauties of that era, punk gave them the opportunity to create and finally be on an equal footing with men...

The Best and Most Popular Punk Rockers in History - Part One

Women in music have always been a kind of "white crows": even in the 1980s, the industry was still considered "men's territory."where there is no place for women. For example Salvador Dali was convinced that only men could make art, simply because they were physiologically different from women. And that, in fact, applied to all genres. Especially rock. If girls started playing rock 'n' roll, they tended to be ridiculed, booed at concerts, and the media spread dirty gossip... But a lot has changed with the arrival of punk rock.

In fact, women were much more influential in the development of this trend than it may seem at first glance. They were soloists, instrumentalists, songwriters, and fashion designers who gave punk stars colorful looks. They also banded together in girl groups, some of which are well remembered to this day. According to the beauties of that era, punk gave them the ability to create and finally To be on equal footing with men. Surprisingly, colleagues in the field, such as Sex PistolsThe punk rockers were not mocked, but in some ways even admired. As he once said John Lydon:

"In the Pistols era, women played with men, pitting us against each other as equals. It wasn't militant, it was compatible!"

Funny photo of the Sex Pistols
Funny photo of the Sex Pistols bands

Yes: many women have rocked the stage harder than some men! And here is a list of the most famous and influential of them all. It's The coolest punk rockers in history according to Fuzz Music magazine.

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

Is it possible to attribute Debbie Harry to punk rockers? Easily, considering that the band blondie was both New Wave and punk rock, genres that were often confused at the time. Today this blonde is one of the most legendary women in the history of the industry: her image, her songs, her style - all this has long ago gained a cult status.

Debbie was a tremendous influence on many women who stepped confidently into the rock arena and managed to make a name for themselves. Her legacy is highly regarded to this day. She was a muse. Andy Warholand many male rockers of that era were genuinely admired by this diva...

Nina Hagen

Punk Queen Nina Hagen
Punk Queen Nina Hagen

The most colorful and flamboyant representative of our list, Nina Hagen is one of the most popular and definitely coolest women in punk rock history. Some have called her "the mother of German punk."which is fully deserved.

In addition to being one of the most influential German performers in rock, Nina also possesses with an amazing voice - with a range of four octaves! This allows her to confidently perform the most difficult songs that many other singers simply can not. Because of her striking vocal skills and natural charisma and individuality, Hagen is loved by her multi-million audience...

Patti Smith

Patti Smith
Patti Smith

At Patti Smith many titles - for example, "Godmother of Punk Rock", her most high-profile title in the industry. It came for a reason, and not because Smith simply "appealed to listeners. In the mid-'70s, she introduced the world "Horses." - his debut record, which had a tremendous influence on the development of the genre. You could say that this album started the great punk history...

She began her artistic journey with performances in the CBGB - New York City club, which was a favorite spot of the new wave. Gradually she earned a high-profile name, which today is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Wendy Orlin Williams

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

Wendy Orlin Williamsprobably was the most disorderly and in every sense of the word "wild" a woman in punk rock. Wendy was famous for the fact that she always went on stage with practically nothing on. She loved to shock the audience, and she did it not only with her spectacular outfits (or lack thereof): the singer also smashed TVs and bikes during her performance, striding around the stage with a saw-less...

Like many rock stars, the vocalist Plasmatics had an addiction to substances. She was a rebel, but at a more mature age she "calmed down" and embraced a traditionally quiet lifestyle: a man she loved, a home, sports. Alas, this rhythm of life turned out to be too boring for her. According to people close to her, Wendy didn't want to live like that - after years of rebellion it was like a punishment for her. "Groundhog Day Eternal.". At some point she made a fateful decision for herself. She is no longer with us, but her fame is actively spreading among modern music lovers to this day.

Susie Sue

Susie Sue
Susie Sue

Vocalist Siouxsie and the Banshees, Susie Sue earned not just fame and money, but also a big name. She has been called one of the most influential British rock singers, and in many ways she is. Her path began in the depths of the punk underground, but as a result Susie's influence has spread to such genres as new wave, post-punk and gothic rock.

Image Susie Sue has become legendarily recognizable, and many modern female rock singers have taken inspiration from the work of this magnificent diva...

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