How did the story of tATu begin and end?

“My childhood passed under the songs of this group. Then I did not understand the meaning of these songs, but now I have grown up and am stunned! But still, tATu are the best, they are forever in my heart...»

The full story of t.A.T.u., the most scandalous girl group in Russia

The activity of this group has been repeatedly criticized. The reason for this is the bold image, scandalous behavior, as well as harsh statements by the participants themselves, who did not resist using obscene language in interviews and participating in frank photo shoots ... Actually, the story tATu - not so rich as their work, which conquered even foreign music lovers.

“My childhood passed under the songs of this group. Then I did not understand the meaning of these songs, but now I have grown up and am stunned! But still, tATu are the best, they are forever in my heart…”, foreign users write under the band’s clips.

By releasing "All About Us", Tatu were on the verge of collapse. Before that, they managed to excite the minds of millions of people, earn money and fame - even scandalous, and also perform at "Eurovision". Their tracks are relevant to this day, their clips are gaining millions views, and their image does not cease to romanticize all new generations who learn about them from the Internet. So who exactly were tATu - what was behind the group, and why did it cease to exist at the seemingly peak of its popularity?

The idea of a provocative image

tATu (Tattoo)
tATu (Tattoo)

The group formed at sunset 1990s. As a result, she became itself successful Russian a pop group that has achieved worldwide popularity. And what is most interesting - two schoolgirls entered it: a 14-year-old Julia Volkova and 15 year old Lena Katina. The secret of the resounding success lay not only in talent, but also in the scandalous "cover" project.

tATu (Tattoo)
tATu (Tattoo)

duo founded Ivan Shapovalov together with Alexander Voitinsky. The men arranged a casting for the role of the soloist, and Katina passed it successfully. Then she was offered to invite any girl who sings well and outwardly meets the standards of the pop scene - slim and pretty, respectively. Then Lena remembered Yulia, with whom she performed in the ensemble "Fidgets". And so the duet was born. tATu

The scandalous image of the participants was quickly invented, and, to be honest, they were not particularly asked for their opinion or consent. According to Shapalova, the girls' parents were not opposed, and this was considered the main thing. Furthermore - father Lena emphasized that this is a “successful stage image”! Subsequently, it was difficult for the girls to leave him - even when the group broke up, many fans were sure that there was a romance between the singers ... According to the legend, the film served as inspiration for the producers "Show Me Love" by Lucas Moodysson, which tells the story of two schoolgirls in love. The name "Tatu" meant "Ta loves Tu".

The main stages of creativity

tATu (Tattoo)
tATu (Tattoo)

The ascent to world fame was fast. First of all, thanks to the provocative image. The English-language versions of the tracks also played a significant role, which made it possible to step further and conquer foreign charts. Apart from Russia, tATu were popular on both sides of the Atlantic! It all started with the debut single "All the Things She Said"topped the world charts. "I went crazy" became a big hit, and literally “blew up” domestic radio stations! The clip, in turn, won "gold" on the Russian MTV.

Soon the debut album was released "200 in the opposite direction", and in a few weeks it sold 500,000 copies! themselves Madonna and Michael Jackson highly appreciated the work of Russian schoolgirls! The record also presented the second big hit "Not gonna get us": the video for it did not leave television screens for a long time ...

Starting to release English-language versions of the tracks, the girls conquered foreign charts and began touring, collecting solid stadiums. The team celebrated the award MTV Video Music Awards at the New York Metropolitan. The girls became the first and, at the moment, the only Russian artists to win the IFPI award for the number of albums sold. In general, their worldwide circulation is estimated at no less than 3 million copies.

The next number one hit was the song "Half an hour". And in 2003, the girls went to conquer "Eurovision" with a song "Do not trust, do not fear, do not ask", which brought them an honorable third place.

Alas, the girls gradually grew up, and at the same time lost public interest ... Many critics are sure that the success of Tatu began to fade after parting with Voitinsky.

Fading and decay

tATu (Tattoo)
tATu (Tattoo)

In 2005 year the second album was released, called "People with Disabilities". The video for the song of the same name caused a flurry of criticism, although the girls themselves claimed that the title and plot refer to people who are disabled "in the shower".

After filming the video "All About Us"which took place in America, Julia and Lena went on their largest tour, visiting with concerts Japan, Argentina and even Brazil. However, the success of the project is gradually fading... Soon the members of tATu made a fatal mistake when admittedthat they are just friends, and there is no romance between them and never has been. Before that, they were forbidden to tell anyone such information, and even walk with their boyfriends along the street, as they could be seen. After a frank confession, their huge fan base began decrease before our eyes, and many even turned their backs on the "star liars" who for a long time just played their image ...

Group "Tatu"
Group "Tatu"

Work on the third album proceeded very slowly, intermittently. At some point, the girls said that they decided to stop the project and go to solo swimming. However, before fulfilling their promise, they nevertheless released a record, shortly after which the group Julia left. Lena continued to perform, although now in a proud loneliness

t.A.T.u. today

Tatu group
Tatu group

Later it turned out that between the ex-soloists accumulated irreconcilable differenceswhich led to the split. Girls try not to intersect once again. For example, they were interviewed Ksenia Sobchak separately, which puzzled their old fans...

Julia accused Lena of being extremely unfriendly towards her. IN 2013 year, the girls united to sing at the opening of the Olympics in Sochi. A few more years later - to record a joint single "Follow Me".

After tATu, everyone went their path, and it seems that these paths are not going to merge ...

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