How Cher "emphasized" her independence after breaking up with Sonny Bono

If creative achievements are to be expected from this brilliant woman, her love of tattoos may come as a bit of a shock to some... However, given how outrageous and brilliant Cher has always been, it is unlikely to surprise her fans.

Cher's first tattoo, which she got right after breaking up with Sonny Bono

When it comes to extravagance and innovation, a better expert in these matters than Cher, not to be found! She was the first person in the history of music to use the Autotunewhich later became known as the "Cher voice effect" - a phenomenon we can hear in her legendary song "Believe".

By the way: with this hit Cher became "the most mature artist."which managed to reach the first line of the Billboard Hot 100! This achievement was achieved in 1998, when the single was released, respectively. But if such creative achievements are to be expected from this brilliant woman, her love of tattoos may come as a bit of a shock to some... However, considering how outrageous and brilliant Cher has always been, it is unlikely to surprise her fans.

About the first tattoo

Sonny and Cher
Sonny and Cher

At Sherilyn Sarkisian She does have tattoos, which, despite her not so young age, she proudly displays and willingly talks about them at every opportunity. But in 2008 one of her favorite "drawings" the singer still deleted. This is what she said:

"In my youth, only bad girls got tattoos: me, Janis Joplin and biker chicks. Now it doesn't mean anything... Today you wouldn't surprise anyone with it. But back then, the tattoo said too much about you. I got my first tattoo shortly after I broke up with Sonny, and it made me feel completely independent! It was like I became a different person, and it was really cool..."

The couple, who used to be a successful duo, parted ways between 1972 and 1974 (information varies from source to source). So - around this time Cher made her first tattoo and became a "bad girl. But what kind of drawing did she choose?

Singer's revelations

sher 1

Cher is one of those artists who, despite her status and age, adore frankly with journalists. Just give him a reason, they say! And so, in 2013, the American comedian David LettermanA.K.A., also known as a TV and movie producer, "gave a tip" during the dialogue: he started asking the singer about her tattoos, and teasingly. Specifically, he told Cher:

"As far as I know, you have a tattoo that you've never seen?"


To this, the legendary performer replied:

"Not really: I have one tattoo that I almost never see."

Cher pointed her finger behindI smiled, and went on:

"And all my boyfriends loved it terribly! You see, it's made in a place where I have to stand with my back to the mirror to look at it. It's the very spot I'm sitting on! It was my first tattoo that said: "Hello, sailor!"

While Letterman and the audience laughed and applauded, Cher continued nonchalantly:

"But that's only part of the tattoo. The second part, a little further on, is this: "New kid in town?"

Perhaps you and I do not understand the profound message hidden in these "messages on the neck. However, it was probably a joke (to which we'll return later). Nevertheless, according to Cher, in her youth it was "cool.". Today, however, the singer admits that all of her tattoos are "outdated.

"I don't like them today, I think they're old-fashioned..."

"Coolest girl ever!"


The tattoos on Cher's buttocks are real are no secret. In 1989, she starred in the music video for her song "If I Could Turn Back Time"And in some shots we can see "something incomprehensible," which apparently is her first tattoo.

In one interview, Cher revealed that her first tattoo wasn't "Hey, sailor!" and "New kid in town?" at all, but garden (which we believe a lot more). Specifically, the singer said:

"My mother was shocked. Everyone was horrified! But I was more than pleased!"

Today Cher is increasingly thinking about Get rid of your tattoos. But there is one she will never touch: and that is crystal dagger on the inside of her right hand. Talking about her first drawing, Cher emphasizes:

"Even though this tattoo may be long outdated, I just can't imagine myself without this garden! Today it may seem so silly... But back then it meant a lot to me, and it gave me confidence and self-sufficiency. I was the coolest girl ever!"

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