A marriage proposal under... Kiss: The best rock band appearance in a movie

Today in our article, let's talk about the movie "Why Him?" featuring the band KISS. How do glamers unite the hearts of lovers and when will the biopic about the rock band be released? Read on.

KISS in the cinema: films with rock stars and a biopic about the band

Quite often, movies in which, in addition to the famous cast of characters appear on the big screens, the so-called Cameo. These people play themselves and appear in movies. In addition, entire films are made about famous personalities who have made a great contribution to culture and the public. documentaries movies.

Today we are going to see how the group KISS starred in a comedy film, as well as find out what movie they will be starring in.

"Why Him?": a movie that teaches how you have to propose in order to hear "Yes!"

James Franco as Laird
James Franco as Laird

The comedy, directed by John Hamburg, was released in 2016 and collected mostly negative critical reviews. For sophisticated viewers this film seemed too dirty and simple, but the box office figures say otherwise.

The plot of the film deals with the relationship between the parents of a girl Stephanie and her young man Laird, whose role is played by a popular actor. James Franco. He did a great job as the eccentric and unabashed director of a video game company. Throughout the film, the guy tries to win over his sweetheart's parents, Ned and Barb Flemming. The first meeting with their daughter's future fiancé was shocking for the conservative father: Laird's villa and his garish appearance made Ned deny the guy's blessing of marriage. But Laird is not one to give up so easily.

KISS on the set of "Why Him?
KISS on the set of "Why Him?

After a major argument between Laird and Ned, the Flemmings leave. Stephanie is resentful of both her father and her lover. But her indiscreet boyfriend shows up spectacularly at her house and offers her hand and heart. And so the game comes into play. KISS.

Knowing how much the girl and her parents love these bright kids, Laird proposes to Stephanie to the accompaniment of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The rock stars appear in the courtyard of the Flemmings' house, singing their most recognizable song "I Was Made for Lovin' You"The KISS is the only one who has the right to be in the house, and not only the girl but also her parents. While the lovers talk outside the house, KISS goes inside, where all the gathered guests, along with the owners of the house, are very excited such a visit. Ned and Barb are thrilled by the unusual guests, who chat with them so easily and even asked for a snack.

The appearance of KISS in "Why Him? enchanting in movie history, because few people got an engagement ring to the main rock hit of the late '70s.

Other celebrities who appeared in the film

In addition to the main American glamers, others appeared in the film famous individuals.

James Franco and Zoey Deutch
James Franco and Zoey Deutch

Richard Blaze, an American chef known from the cooking show "Top Chef," appears in the scene when Laird shows the Flemming family his house. In the moment when a party is being held at the villa, the DJ Steve Aoki, who has been recognized as the highest-grossing electronic music artist, and the founder and CEO of Space-X Elon Musk. Also appearing in the film are director, actor and writer Bernie Barnes and Toby Turner, American blogger and actor.

"Shout It Out Loud" - Netflix is preparing a biopic about iconic glam rockers

KISS Band. Late '70s
KISS Band. Late '70s

Besides "Why Him?" the KISS bassist Gene Simmons appeared in Tom Selleck's "The Fugitive," as well as in the motion pictures "The Rookie" and "Be Cool. Also in 2015, the musician signed a contract with an American film studio WWE Studios.

The legendary band will soon be starring in a film biography "Shout It Out Loud" From Netflix. Director Joaquim Ronning, who has previously worked on such films as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Maleficent," will take part in the creation of the biopic.


This film will be a story that truthfully will showThe KISS is the first band to be a major glam-rock band of the 80's. Paul and Gene, whose acquaintance was the starting point for the creation of KISS, were high school students when they met and discovered common interests in music.

The name of the picture is not accidental: for a biopic about the band, the name of one of their bands was perfectly suited. the best songs. "Shout It Out Loud" was released in the mid-'70s on the Destroyer album. It became second The band's most successful single since "Rock and Roll All Nite.

The release date of the biopic is still unknown. At first Doc McGee, the band's manager, said the plan was to release the film in 2019 yearBut the deadline has been pushed back because of pandemics. The last information about the release date was published in 2021.

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