New Year's special issue of "Evening Urgant" delighted Russian and Italian viewers

The Ciao show is a perfect example of how the sudden idea of a New Year's show can strengthen friendship between the peoples of different countries.

"Ciao, 2021" - New Year's Eve Show, Celebrity Performance, Audience Reaction

"Ciao, 2021" - bright new year show, which can be described as an Italian holiday in Russia. In fact, it is a parody of the Italian stage 1980s.

The show was organized with the aim of repeating the success of last year's festive "light". Whether the artists managed to do this is up to you! Well, we will highlight the most remarkable moments of the evening, and also tell you how our foreign friends reacted to themselves.


A frame from the show "Ciao, 2021" as part of the program Evening Urgant
A frame from the show "Ciao, 2020" as part of the program "Evening Urgant"

"Ciao, 2021" (which translates as "Goodbye 2021") - New Year's issue of "Evening Urgant", aired January 1, 2022. The organizers decided to repeat the success of last year's holiday show. Throughout the entire issue, you will not hear a single Russian word: only ironic remarks in Italian from the lips of star guests. The authors of the show themselves call their language "pasta Italian". How did such a brilliant idea come about? Word Ivan Urgant:

“As 2020 came to an end, we made the decision not to do a standard New Year's Eve release. We all felt a kind of creative block ... And suddenly this idea arose! It was kind of a reaction to all the chaos that happened in 2020!”

Ivan Urgant received the Order of the Star of Italy
Ivan Urgant received the Order of the Star of Italy

The first New Year's show under the slogan "Siao, 2020" quickly became a trend, typing millions of views on YouTube and warm comments from both Russians and Italians. The excitement was so huge that Urgant was honored Order of the Star of Italy!

The magic of Italy: how it was

Toto Cutugno
Toto Cutugno

When compared with "Siao, 2020", then the format of the Ciao, 2021 show has not changed at all: musical numbers with a generous dose of humor, ridiculing stereotypes about Italians, a nostalgic immersion in the 80s, a discussion of recent events that are certainly related to Italy. Famous artists, musicians, bloggers were invited as guests. Among them: Slava Marlow, Eldar Dzharakhov, Wylsacom, Manizha and others. Italian celebrities also came to the festive "light", including himself Toto Cutugno - the legendary performer who was incredibly popular in the USSR. True, throughout the show, he modestly hid under the guise of an ordinary viewer. The secret of his presence was revealed only at the very end.

“A lot of things remained unsaid… We decided to once again plunge into the magical atmosphere of Italy in the 80s, only this time with other artists. We can say that we decided to test the patience of the Italian and Russian audience!” organizers commented.

Best numbers

Basta and Polina Gagarina
Basta and Polina Gagarina

For a little over an hour, the guests had fun and entertained the audience. All this was accompanied by vivid images, as well as their own songs in retro style - always in Italian. One of the highlights of the show was the number of the blogger wylsacom: he played the role of a specialist in modern technology and printed a photo of the vocalist Maneskin!

Wylsacom and Urgant
Wylsacom and Urgant

Soon the “Russian version” of Damiano David hurried onto the stage - Valery Leontiev. The audience was also surprised by a dance parody of the sensational TV series "Playing squid"in which she took part Anita Tsoi!

Participant Eurovision 2021 Manizh appeared on the show in the image of a hot macho, performing "Italian Woman" for a fictional beauty pageant. Another notable guest was Evgeny Ponasenkov is a blogger and meme hero, whom you could certainly see on social networks.


The end of the issue turned out to be simply amazing - and in every sense of the word: the real stars of Italy turned to the audience on behalf of "ordinary Russians". For instance, Toto Cutugno introduced himself as a composer Anton Kutuzov. Congratulations at the very end "Vladimir Putin" and the group performed "Lube".

Public reaction

The audience was delighted! Especially the Italian ones. Social media comments are full of gratitude and admiration. Some fans of the show even want to Ivan Urgant led the musical Festival in Sanremo. Users from Italy write:

“Hello Russia, I love you so much! I hope our countries can be friends forever!”


“We need to dedicate a separate issue of Evening Urgant to those who made this show. All the geniuses are there: stylists, translators, arrangers, screenwriters…”


“And 2022 is off to a great start! Thank you very much for this wonderful program! Happy 2022 to all Russians, greetings from an Italian!”

Show "Ciao" is a perfect example of how the sudden idea of a New Year's show can strengthen friendship between the peoples of different countries.

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