The creative path of Vladimir Kuzmin and the Dynamic group

This article is devoted to the biography and creative path of Vladimir Kuzmin and his participation in the Dynamic group.

Group "Dynamik" - history, composition, best songs

History Soviet rock bands "Speaker" inseparable from creativity Vladimir Kuzmin - a musician who became author and performer over 200 hits, a legend of the domestic rock and rollon whose songs grew not one generation. "Speaker" and Kuzmin here already throughout several decades are unified musical organism.

The beginning of creative activity

Creative way Kuzmin started at the end 1970's: at this time Vladimir is graduating School of Music and VIA "Hope" accepts it into guitarist. A little bit later Vladimir Presnyakov Sr. invites a musician to his popular at that time the team "Gems", where at artist begins to emerge individual musical style. One year later Alexander Barykin calls Vladimir in recently created them "Carnival". By this time, Kuzmin's musical piggy bank already contains many ideas and songs, which are used in repertoire groups. Work in "Carnival" becomes creative springboard for Vladimir.

Vladimir Kuzmin, member of the Dynamic group
Vladimir Kuzmin, member of the Dynamic group

spring 1982 between leaders groups emerged discrepancies in their views on the future creative activities. Musicians did not find a common language, as a result, the group fell apart, while most of it followed Kuzmin. Copyright right on the title left behind Barykin: later he organized new teamgiving it its former name "Carnival".

Group "Dynamik"

Almost immediately after care from Barykin Vladimir Kuzmin together with ex-participants "Carnival" create rock band "Speaker". Team members become full-time employees Tashkent circus, it has a positive effect on their professional activities. Already first touring the country brings musicians stunning success, the performances of the rhythm section are especially impressive Ryzhova-Kitaeva, better than which then in the Soviet Union did not have.

In break between tours "Dynamik" records eponymous double album, in which it is clear looked through style heterogeneity: from blues compositions and rock and roll To reggae and pop rock. Kuzmin, watching the everyday life and life of the people around him, with irony described various worldly moments, easily and enthusiastically shifted life into song lyrics. The author called them "musical feuilletons". "Soviet rock" Kuzmina was different professionalism, not characteristic of the rock art of those years.

Rock band "Dynamik"
Rock band "Dynamik"

Recording album under working title "Dynamik-82" took place in capital in the hotel banquet hall "Salute". Duration The album was more than an hour and a half, so it was decided to split it into two parts. record label sound engineer provided equipment Yuri Fominwho collaborated with Chernavsky even before creation "Dynamics". To provide stereo sound they developed special system location microphones, which had a decisive influence on quality sound.

Recorded first main parties, then at repeated records put on them solo instruments and vocals. After records album as a result of editing, a small video, which sent out according to the planned touring cities. This producer move was very successful: by the time of arrival of the musical group tickets not left at the box office Occupancy concert halls was 100 percent.

Unfortunately, state cultural policy aimed at against rock artists, as well as related difficulties creative work reflected on the future "Dynamics". The group was among teamscut off from further creative prospects, musicians for some period did not have the opportunity protrude on stage.

Vladimir Kuzmin at one of the performances of the rock group "Dynamik"
Vladimir Kuzmin at one of the performances of the Dynamic group

autumn 1982 years in Kirov after one of concerts happened between the participants discord, due to which Yuri Chernavsky left the group. Follow him to "Happy guys" gone Ryzhov and Kitaev. Thus the group "Speaker" stopped Existence. Despite the fact that the first "Dynamik" existed short time, his creative activity became large phenomenon in musical life the first half of the 80s.

Accompanying group of Kuzmin

After decay musical group Vladimir Kuzmin finds a way out of the situation. Improving skill singer-songwriter, he declares himself soloist, but "Speaker" - accompanying him with a group. IN new composition were invited Alexander Telegin, Sergei Evdochenko and Yuri Rogozhin, and soon the group starts concert activity. Then with the participation of the keyboardist and guitarist Andrey Morozov a collection of songs called "Take with you". As before, at the performances of "Dynamics" gather full stadiums.

Vladimir Kuzmin in his youth
Vladimir Kuzmin in his youth

Musical compositions "Fatigue", "Just yesterday", "Hood" broadcast from all radio receivers countries and occupy upper hit parade lines. In the end 1984 year again happened change composition: instead of Sergei Evdochenko the team has replenished Gennady Ryabtsev. Frequent shifts composition, the passion of each musician for his solo career did not contribute strengthening the team, and soon "Dynamik" again fell apart.

Another revival groups going in the spring 1987 of the year. Kuzmin invites to cooperation well-known professional musicians, they are many and successful tour.

This time becomes for the collective peak of popularity. In the work of Kuzmin occurs change course, rock gives way love lyrics. The author creates one of his best albums "Tears on Fire". The musician at that time was in creative search and finally accepts solution go with your team to USA, where at joint creativity with American musicians they record two English speaking album.

For two years of creative activity "Speaker" becomes popular Abroad, the team is included in rating the best club groups California. Upon returning home Kuzmin recruiting new musicians, most of the guys from the previous squad remained in States.

Start XXI century marked by a new wave of popularity "Dynamics". Young performers do covers to the famous hits of the group, and the older generation of music lovers do not forget and love the work of Vladimir Kuzmin and his team.

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