Why Aleksandr Barykin disliked his hit "about the bouquet and the bicycle

"Such gorgeous poems! I was afraid someone would beat me to it!"

The Story of a Hit, or Why Barykin Didn't Like the Successful "I'm Gonna Keep My Bicycle So Much

"I'm going to be racing my bike for a long time." - this song became a big hit of its time! In fact, it is still beloved by the public. It went to the people, became a classic of its genre. And also this song has a very fascinating story - one might even say sad. Perhaps this is the reason why it evokes a kind of nostalgia and warm sadness?

For Alexandra Barykina The song about "Bouquet" was a resounding commercial breakthrough! And so it is very strange that he himself disliked this work. However, many artists can't stand their hits. And they all have their own reason...


Alexander Barykin
Alexander Barykin

Alexander Barykin is well known to domestic listeners: he sang in many bands, including Rock Atelier and the Merry Folks. With the latter he recorded a much-loved "folk" ballad known as "Mona Lisa". In fact, it belonged to the British rock band UFO and was called "Belladonna," but it did not become a hit abroad, unlike in our country. "The Merry Fellows didn't even think much about the lyrics, so they recorded it in English. And probably for the best.

Prerequisites for the birth of a hit "about the bouquet and the bicycle" There were many, in particular the campaign against rock bands. Alas, in the 1980s, almost every band in the genre was blacklisted. Some put up with what was going on and looked forward to better times, while others were sly. Barykin followed in the footsteps of the latter. He became solo artist, and in his difficult solitary voyage he was assisted by a good old comrade David Tukhmanov.

With the help of the esteemed composer, Alexander was able to release Disc Giant - It happened in the mid-1980s. The record was a success, and some of the songs (e.g. "But it's still summer!") even inspired others to their own interpretations! In general - Barykin managed to declare himself as a solo artist.

The popularity grew, the songs were actively played on radio and TV. But the real resounding success fell on Alexander after the release of the hit about "Bouquet.".

A resounding success

Alexander Barykin. 80s
Alexander Barykin. 80s

This famous composition was first performed in 1987 and was awarded the grand prize of the festival "Song of the Year '87." and was nationally acclaimed! If you were not yet living in that era, or were just a child, so you can understand the enormity of this breakthrough: it was not just a hit, but the very real "chitera."!

The delightful opening solo was inspired by Peruvian block fluteBarykin heard in "El Condor Pasa" (a song by the duo Simon & Garfunkel). In fact, that's how the story began, because there was no text at that time. But, as always, it changed everything. good fortune!

"Back then, I was really into poetry. I stumbled into a bookstore, purely by chance, and bought a collection of poems by Nikolai Rubtsov. I didn't know who he was, but something in his poems moved me. They were uncharacteristic for the Soviet Union, some fresh and surprising to me. I liked all of his poems, but especially "The Bouquet" - I thought at the time: "That's a ready-made song! It literally took me 15 minutes to compose it - I wrote it all at home in the kitchen.

Aware of the value of a potential hit, Barykin rushed to record a song and get it on the radio as soon as possible.

"Such gorgeous poems! I was afraid someone would beat me to it!"

The song that threw Barykin out of rock camp

Alexander Barykin
Alexander Barykin

Given Barykin's admiration, there is quite a logical question: why is this song suddenly dissolved him? Although it would be more accurate to say not "displeased," but began to annoy him. It's simple: it was after "Bouquet" made a splash all over the Soviet Union that the public came to the conclusion that Alexander "dropped out of rock camp for good." and went in the direction of "pop". The singer himself said:

"What else could I do? I had a family to feed..."

Alas, Barykin was no longer able to regain his rocker name - the public (most of them) perceived him as popular artist. However, the singer had to give up pop music as well: he had problems with his thyroid gland, underwent an operation and his voice changed. Barykin himself was sure that all these things were consequences of his performance in the Chernobyl disaster zone. Unfortunately, the artist is no longer with us - Alexander Alexandrovich died in 2011 from a massive heart attack.

Interesting to know

Alexander Barykin
Alexander Barykin

In fact, the poems "about the bouquet and the bicycle" were inspired by one A heartbreaking tragedy. Their author Nikolay Rubtsov I fell deeply in love with a girl, Taisia. This love was mutual. But soon the young Rubtsov was called for service. For some time the couple corresponded, but just a few months later Nikolai stopped receiving letters from his beloved. And soon it turned out: she married after another. Such was the insistence of the girl's father strictly...

Nikolay Rubtsov
Nikolay Rubtsov

It was a blow to Nikolai's heart. When he returned from the service, he wrote these romanticized lines, which today he hums whole country.

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