Top 10 Indie and Alternative Albums of 2017

Rating of the best albums in the genres "Indie" and "Alternative" in 2017.

Top 10 Albums of 2017

In recent years, the influence of various fashion trends and trends has been increasingly traced in the work of rock musicians. And this cannot but rejoice! After all, if music undergoes changes, it lives. Below is a selection of the ten most successful and interesting rock albums of 2017.

Genres: Indie and Alternative:

10. Queens Of The Stone Age – “Villains”

Cover of Queens Of The Stone Age – “Villains”
Cover of Queens Of The Stone Age – “Villains”

The villainous title of the new album can hardly be called unexpected. Creativity QOTSA has always been imbued with a certain mysticism and aggressiveness, and at the same time total truthfulness. The fact is that the evil that seeps into the band's tracks has never been deliberate and pretentious.

Despite the general gloomy atmosphere of the album, it is rhythmic and melodious and stands out against the background of the rest of the hand-group's work. This is due to the fact that the members tried to get away from their usual genre, to do something more danceable.

"Villains" is characterized by bewitching demonic appeal, sophisticated charm and, of course, villainous chic. The album is imbued with classic rock and roll sound, which cannot but rejoice.

9. Paul Weller - "A Kind Revolution"

“A Kind Revolution” cover
“A Kind Revolution” cover

Surprisingly, American listeners are more than neutral about the work of Paul Weller, while for the British he is an artist of the first magnitude. It is in the UK that his tracks take off to the top of the charts and are wildly popular. At the same time, Weller's recent songs are saturated with an American atmosphere, they clearly show the influence of funk soul.

Despite all the Americanisms, "A Kind Revolution" is sustained in a purely English style: here both melodic moves rich in melodicism and rich sweeping arrangements. By the way, the album has a lot of groove, drive and very refined expression.

8. The National "Sleep Well Beast"

Cover of "Sleep Well Beast"
Cover of “Sleep Well Beast”

Muffled minor chords, restrained vocals full of tragedy, post-punk beat - these are the three pillars on which The National's entire career rests. The new album of the group, in fact, does not offer anything new, it is sustained in the usual style. The only thing you can cling to is fashionable electronic chips.

On first listening, "Sleep Well Beast" evokes almost no emotion, but a longer acquaintance reveals a bewitching electrical regularity, a hypnotic attraction.

7. Liam Gallagher - "As You Were"

Album's cover
Album's cover

Liam Gallagher's new rock album is what could have happened to his brother Noel's band Oasis if it had survived to this day. Bright and melodic compositions, cleared of sound porridge and confusion, filled with healthy pessimism and boundless love for the Liverpool Four. It is definitely very branded. Branded, but at the same time boring and banal.

6. The Horrors - "V"

Album's cover
Album's cover

"The Horrors" is rightfully considered one of the most extravagant and original "new" groups. It is rapidly developing, sweeping away any competitors in the modern musical world. Starting with gothic-punk, she managed to experiment with a variety of styles and trends: shoegazing, kraut, etc. The accumulated experience allowed the band members to appear in the new album “V” as real masters - accomplished and having their own vision.
“V” is a harmonious mixture of grunge, dream-pop and Neworder-perky dance. This is the perfect album, instantly grabbing attention.

5. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Polygondwanaland”

Album's cover
Album's cover

These Australians will definitely go down in history as the absolute champions in the number of entries. So, for 2017 they have planned as many as five albums! "Polygondwanaland" is the fourth of them. Its distinctive feature lies in the distribution format - all records and compositions are freely available, you can listen or download them completely free of charge and directly from the band's official website.

Surprisingly, crazy activity does not affect the quality of the material. "Polygondwanaland" is a bright and varied music, filled with deep meaning, sustained in the same style. It is built on authentic melodies that incorporate abstract psychedelics, powerful grunge, folk and electronic elements.

4. Steven Wilson - "To The Bone"

Album's cover
Album's cover

Stephen Wilson is undoubtedly one of the most promising, diverse and interesting artists of our time. Having accumulated rich musical experience as the leader of the alternative project "Porcupine Tree", he managed to form his own taste and style. It seems that the musician will be equally good at progressive metal, hard alternative rock and roll, and melancholy indie. He organically works in different styles and directions, competently combining them with each other.

The new solo album "To The Bone" is the first bold step towards radio format pop sound. Periodically, it features female vocal inserts, popular electronic beats, but the most striking and memorable detail is Wilson's skillful balancing on the verge of completely different musical genres.
Musical experiments were judged according to their merits - the new record of the rock artist soared to the top of the British charts, took the first lines in prestigious ratings.

3. Elbow - "Little Fictions"

Album's cover
Album's cover

It would seem that Elbow have long defined their own formula for success, recording rock albums filled with uplifting sadness and healthy pessimism for more than ten years. "Little Fictions", of course, does not offer anything radically new and revolutionary, but fresh notes are very clearly and distinctly traced in it. It is they who attract attention, make you listen to the album to the end.
Perhaps these changes in sound are due to the departure of drummer Richard Jupp from the band. Alex Reeves, who took his place, brought a more relevant fresh beat, harmony, and slightly complicated the musical structure to his work. The group's work became more transparent, and the piano sketches and orchestral notes that appeared emphasized the ability to work with the inner content of the songs.

"Little Fictions" is an obvious breakthrough, an absolute step forward. It feels like the debut album "Asleep in the Back", recorded back in 2001.

2. Noel Gallagher's High-Flying Birds – “Who Built the Moon?”

Album's cover
Album's cover

The main musical intrigue of 2017 is “Who will be more successful – Liam or Noel?”. While the younger brother was betting on cooperation with famous labels and production centers, the older one hit bold, and sometimes very controversial and controversial experiments with psychedelic rock and disco elements. I must say that the last one, Noel, won on all fronts. His solo album Who Built the Moon? listened in one breath, literally turning your whole world from the inside. From the instrumentally strong "Fort Knox" to the quite sweet and perky "Dead in the Water", he grabs all the attention of the listeners, touching the most delicate spiritual strings.

Paul Weller and Johnny Marra, who took part in the recording of the album, only enrich the musical material, making it more complete and multifaceted. Thus, "Who Built the Moon?" is a logically complete work.

1. Slowdive - "Slowdive"

Album's cover
Album's cover

For the past three years, former Creation leader Alan McGee has been doing the almost impossible. Having taken a short break in musical creativity, he returned to the industry with a new logically harmonious and very high-quality album. Slowdive can rightly be considered the epitome of the best comeback of 2017. They stand out against the backdrop of fellow shoegazers (such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Lush), offering stylish and interesting compositions.

In essence, "Slowdive" is the missing link between "Souvlaki" and "Pygmalion". It is characterized by bewitching melody, as well as compositions atypical in structure and a light experimental flair.

Slightly rough sound, alluring enveloping atmosphere instantly takes the listener to another dimension, allowing him to escape from the daily routine. Not interested in releasing exclusively hits, the group creates for its own pleasure, not being afraid to deviate from fashion trends. "Slowdive" is a classic album that will look equally appropriate and harmonious in the 1990s and 2000s.

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