Top 10 Greatest Songs From '70s Funk Soul Icon Betty Davis

“Women should be screaming about Mick Jagger and trying to pull off men's clothes on stage, but men should be in control of all levels. Many of them may really want to jump up and take off my clothes, but they know they shouldn't. It makes them feel strange and disturbed..."

Betty Davis Greatest Songs Selection - Full List

Today, after an insane number of years, Betty Davis still considered important 1970s funk icon. It can rightly be said that she was a female innovator in this genre. How she sang songs with her hoarse soulful voice, how she poured out her soul to the public, what message she made in her lyrics and with what sexuality it all happened ... Yes, such bright and influential artists 70s can easily be counted on the fingers of one hand. Nobody did funk as rough as she did Betty Davis. She frankly sang about sultry love at its best on her own terms... Her voice was piercing, and her style, audacity and demeanor on stage captivated people and simultaneously shocked religious groups, radio stations and the media. Her stage outfits always shone - for an audience of millions, Davis was a brilliant, frank, futuristic fantasy ... In the middle 70s large Island label organized a big national push for her third album Nasty Gal, however... mainstream radio didn't support her and Island rejected her subsequent recordings. Soon after that Betty completely fell out of the public eye for decades ... Gradually, her voice - now speaking, not singing - began to be forgotten, and the modern generation does not even know who Bette Davis is. During the most difficult period of her life, her father died, after which Betty developed serious mental problems. And if today one of her old fans accidentally bumps into her at a local supermarket outside of Pittsburgh, they are unlikely to recognize her as that sultry African star with crazy hair and thigh-high boots ... Actually, she does not need this. As she says Davis, ex-wife of Miles Davis:

“I like that people don't know who I am. I like to live quietly…”

Charming Betty Davis in her youth...
The charming Betty Davis as a young ...

Today we decided to refresh our memory and give publicity to the amazing work of Davis! So: this is the top of the best songs of the unique funk-soul icon of the 70s, Betty Davis ...

"Anti Love Song"

Composition from Davis' self-titled debut album 1973 of the year. "Anti Love Song" is a big hit for the singer: on YouTube, the recording of this track was played almost a million times!

"That's why I don't want to love you
'Cause I know what you do to my heart
You burn it like a hot iron...
Leave me burning alone in the dark
Because I know that you can make me suffer
I know you can crush me…”

"Nasty Gal."

Song from the album of the same name Nasty Gal. These are amazing lyrics, definitely worthy of attention ... Actually, listen and enjoy:

Freedom, especially sexual freedom, was central to musical identity Betty Davis. And critics were quick to take note:

“She strides, struts and jumps on stage, combining earthiness of soul with punk rock boldness and decadence of glamor, and the result is simply amazing!” proclaimed the music magazine Black Music in 1974.

"Your Man My Man"

Another sultry composition from the debut of the same name Betty Davis!

"He's your man, he's my man, it's all the same
'Cause he's yours, all yours when he's there
And he's mine when he's here
You cry, I sigh, what does it mean?
He is your man, he is my man...


Track from the album Nasty Gal, who scored 1.5 million playback on YouTube!

They say luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. In terms of preparation, Betty's success was well-deserved. Her two albums Just Sunshine Records, Betty Davis (1973) and They Say I'm Different (1974), brought her a lot of attention, while almost constant touring improved her sound and her bad girl image. They also paved the way for success Nasty Gal

"If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up"

Another great track from my debut album...

Dynamic music, soulful vocals Betty and wild energy - this track certainly charges you with extremely positive emotions!

"Shut Off The Light"

By the end 1974 years Betty had two albums and countless concerts. Her bawdy songs and outrageous live performance made her a critically acclaimed and controversial figure, but for a long time remained elusive... Her ambition quickly outgrew her small but influential cult following. New, 1975 year promised to be Betty's year. It was in this year that the album filled with hits was released. Nasty Gal

"Politician Man"

In these newly discovered sessions Betty Davis working with group members Jimi Hendrix, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and others, honing the sound she has brought to her fiery solo albums!

"They Say I'm Different"

Song of the same name from the second studio album Davis:

Remarkably, but under the same name in 2017 a documentary was released about Betty Davis ("Betty: They Say I'm Different")

"Walkin Up the Road"

And the composition completes our list "Walkin Up the Road", which graced Davis' debut album:

“It is not customary for a woman to play her music so aggressively, surpassing in their own playing such as Mick Jagger and Sly Stone", - wrote in The New York Times. Despite all my carelessness on stage, Betty knew about the risk of breaking the rules:

“Women should be screaming about Mick Jagger and trying to pull off men's clothes on stage, but men should be in control of all levels. Many of them may really want to jump up and take off my clothes, but they know they shouldn't. It makes them feel strange and disturbed…”

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