"Old Man Still in Shape": Depp's return with "Jeanne Dubarry"

The picture made a lot of noise on the Internet, because, after all, this is Depp's first movie after the scandalous legal battles with Hird! The actor came under a barrage of criticism from the public, and many studios - and even fans - turned their backs on him....

Movie "Jeanne Dubarry": actors, reviews, facts

Over the past few years, the handsome man Johnny Depp has gone from idol to pariah! Well, for Hollywood, which boycotted the actor. And all because of the high-profile and highly scandalous of Amber Heard's divorce proceedings.who hasn't heard of it unless he's been on the Internet at all. Now Hollywood is closed to Depp... But the French are ready to embrace him!

While many critics have managed to put an end to the acting career of Tim Burton's favorite, Luc Besson's ex-spouse - actress and director Maiwenn - invited Depp to star in her movie. "Jeanne Dubarry.". The picture made a splash, becoming the first movie work of "scandalized" Johnny in three years - and also the first where he speaks entirely in French! How did it turn out? Let's get to the bottom of it...

"Depp's most sincere role": a review from FUZZ MUSIC

A still from the movie "Jeanne Dubarry."
A still from the movie "Jeanne Dubarry."

What's immediately apparent is that worthy end result. Properly recreated atmosphere of 18th-century Versailles, very natural costumes in the spirit of antiquity, as well as the very mood of the tape: so energetic, pompous, but at the same time refined and aristocratic ... Rolle Jeanne Dubarry performed by Maiwenn herself, which cannot but please: being a native Frenchwoman and a great admirer of history, she flawlessly (in our opinion) portrayed the scandalous favorite of King Louis XV. Maiwenn herself admitted that for her this work was special: she wanted to embody the sad story of Dubarry on the screen in 2006! So - she had more than enough time to familiarize herself with the biography and character of this charming woman....

A still from the movie "Jeanne Dubarry."
A still from the movie "Jeanne Dubarry."

But what stands out here in particular Depp. It seems that this role was written especially for him: his character - tired of life and disappointed in love man. That's exactly what the actor was after the crazy divorce process with Hird. It feels like he's not acting at all - just behaving naturally, channeling his inner feelings and frustrations into art. It's also the first movie he's ever spoken in. in plain French! Yes, yes, Depp knows this language well, because for a long time the actor was in a relationship with a Vanessa Paradis. And, it should be noted, his pronunciation is truly superb!

Perhaps we'd be going too far if we said that, but still: in our opinion, it's the most Depp's sincere role (over the last decade so definitely).

What's also charming is the lack of vulgarity, pretentiousness and any kind of "dirt" - given the racy history of Jeanne and Ludovic's relationship. Their feelings are portrayed clean and beautifulThe movie was not without its weaknesses, for example, some moments were not clear to the general public and some people found it extremely boring. Of course, not without "weaknesses" - for example, some points were not clear to the general public, and someone found the movie extremely boring. But this is rather a matter of tastes. In general - it is a beautiful and neatly told love story with French charm....

The outlook is bleak

The picture made a lot of noise on the Internet, because, after all, it's a first movie Depp after the scandalous legal battles with Hird! The actor has come under a barrage of criticism from the public, and many studios - and even fans (whose sincerity, of course, is worth wondering about) - turned away from him! So, overnight, the idol of several generations and one of the most popular Hollywood heartthrob became an outcast and persona non grata....

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

And now, his name once again graces movie posters. Of course, it is difficult to pass by such a thing: some went to the film to support their favorite actor and make sure that he is still in shape, while others were curious for the sake of curiosity. Either way, the box office receipts totaled 12.5 million dollars! True, these are not at all disappointing figures, given that the budget exceeds this figure by a factor of 2. "Jeanne Dubarry" was recognized as one of the three French films with a budget of more than 10 million euros, which makes it very expensive... I wonder if it will ever become a classic on par with "Pirates" or the same "Willy Wonka"? It's a good question.

"Is the Old Man Still in Shape?" - movie review

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

For the most part, the movie has warm criticism and praisewhich, for the most part, was directed at Depp's acting and his stunning French (thanks to which many fans discovered their favorite actor from a new, unexpected side). Thus, French publications emphasized the charisma of his portrayal of Louis XV, who (quote): "could say so much with a single look." They praised Maiwenn and the concept as a whole... But, of course, they were not without negative reviews - a banal balance in any industry.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Alas, some lacked the drive and openly stated that it was a pain in the ass to watch this picture "boring as hell.". However, what is most interesting, dissatisfied with the game Depp almost not found! We conclude that despite the grueling divorce, the subsequent boycott and drunkenness, old Johnny still in top shape! In some ways, this work seems very symbolic: the story of a woman with a tarnished reputation ultimately rejected by society ....

Have you already watched this movie? If yes - share your impressions from watching and Depp's acting, of course! As for us - it's a great example of how you should "rise from the ashes".


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