How does Tim Burton's personal life affect his work

Do you like to learn about interesting people? We have prepared for you the biography and success story of director Tim Burton!

Biography of the popular American director Tim Burton

Timothy Walter Burton born August 25, 1958 in California, USA. Parents Bill and Jean Burton owned a small gift shop that sold items designed specifically for cat lovers. The family home is located in Burbank, not far from the airport and the cemetery. Later, Burton will reflect the perception of the appearance of the city in the tape "Edward Scissorhands".

In his youth, Tim was fond of water polo, he even competed in the school team. Otherwise, Timothy was alone most of the time, listening to rock music and went to the cinema. He liked fantasy and horror.

How Tim got into the film industry

For a short time, Tim dreamed of working as an actor who controls the figure of the Godzilla monster during filming. Burton was impressed by the artist Ray Harryhausen, in connection with which Tim began to make cartoons using puppets.

After high school, Tim enters the Art Institute in California. During his studies, Burton enjoyed making short films instead of doing written work.

Tim Burton photo shoot
Tim Burton photo shoot

In 1979, Burton got a job at Walt Disney Studios character designer and later animator. There were certain difficulties during the work, so the future director repeatedly fired and got back to work.

Burton's first big success was coloring cartoon material. "Lord of the Rings".
In addition, Tim acted as a director when creating an adaptation of the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel".

Burton's early works

After several successful works, Burton is trusted to shoot a short cartoon. "Vincent". However, Tim's next cartoon "Frankenweenie" the studio did not want to release it, as they considered the work unsuitable for the company's image. The tape nevertheless got into hire in 1992.

Parallel to these events, Tim meets his first partner in a long-term relationship. Julie Hicksonwhich greatly influenced the director. On this wave, Tim took off almost all of his first independent works. Julie also helped write the script for the Batman movie in the early stages.

Comedian Paul Reubens liked the already named "Frankenweenie", and then he invited Tim to make a movie called "Pee-wee's Big Adventure". While working on the project, Tim became friends with composer Danny Elfman, who later became a near-regular member of Burton's films.

Burton in his youth
Burton in his youth

The new film was very successful at the box office. This circumstance attracted the administration Warner Brothers to Burton's appointment to direct the Batman film. Filming dragged on because of the edits that were repeatedly made to the script. In the meantime, Tim directed the films Aladdin and His Magic Lamp and The Pot on television.

As part of the collaboration with the studio, Burton was supposed to make one more picture. The director did not want to work with second-rate comedies, which he was repeatedly offered. Of all the options, he chose the film "Beetlejuice", after which there were famous works on Batman: "Batman" and "Batman Returns". At this time, Burton begins romance with Lena Geiske, whom he marries in 1989. The couple did not stay together for long: she officially broke up in 1991, filing a divorce.

Interesting facts about the director

Researchers and fans of Burton's work believe that the director's companions affected the tapes very significant. For example, during the lifetime of Lisa Mary Burton made the works "Edward Scissorhands", "Sleepy Hollow", "Ed Wood" and others. Working on the first picture of these, Burton is impressed by acting Johnny Depp, as a result of which they began to cooperate on the production of very many projects. Depp filmed with Tim more than any other actor.

The director did not shy away from other formats, for example, he took on the shooting of commercials. In 1998, he made a commercial for chewing gum, and in 2000 he shot two commercials for watches. One of them starred Lisa Marie in the title role. She is featured in many works Tim as an episodic or supporting role performer.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

While working in films, Burton also wrote poetry. A film based on one of his works "The nightmare before christmas", which was coldly received at the time of release, but later became a success at the box office on VHS and is remembered as one of the most striking and recognizable works.

In the second half of the 90s, Burton had career downturn, associated with the closure of projects and his repeated displacement from the post of director. Tim was going through what was happening, he was helped to cope with stress by the meditative practices that he met at that time.

The way through to success

The director did not sit still until things were going in the movie. He published a book of pictures, which he made entirely himself, called "The sad death of an oyster boy. The book was not intended for children. Tim also became interested in the photos that he took with modern cameras with different lenses. Most often he photographed Mary.

In the early 00s, Burton left California and went to live in London. In 2001, the director began filming a remake of the film "Planet of the Apes". In the same year, Burton begins dating Helena Carter, and his cohabitation with Lisa Marie ends.

The broken couple dealt with the court on the division of property: Burton had to Lisa $5.4 billion. Tim delayed the payment for three years.

With Helena Carter, Burton officially formalized the relationship in October 2001. Five months later, the tape was released in theaters "Planet of the Apes", which became a box office success.

Journalists wrote that the departure of the director's parents from life and the appearance of his son Billy were reflected in Tim's new work "Big Fish". These speculations were dispelled by the director's further success at the box office, such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Corpse Bride". The latter was nominated for "Oscar" at the end of the year.

In 2007, Tim and Helena daughter was born named Nell. In the same year, the Disney studio decided to make a tape "Alice in Wonderland" and a remake of Frankenweenie featuring Burton. In the second case, Tim expressed a desire to act as a director, producer and co-writer.

Burton reported in 2008 that perhaps marries Carter. A little later, the couple got rid of real estate in Los Angeles and fully settled in London. At the end of 2014, information appeared that Tim Burton and Helena Carter broke up, having lived 13 years together. In 2021, the director took up work on the series "Wensdy".


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