"Hidden in the Clouds" - a look back at one of Pink Floyd's favorite Nick Mason albums

"They didn't want to do a good cover, because they understood that it would lead to possible competition with the cover of 'The Dark Side of the Moon'. But I said: "We can't just take it and not give a damn about it! We have to make at least an interesting cover to live up to the best traditions of Pink Floyd!"

History of the album "Obscured by Clouds" by Pink Floyd: recording, facts, success and tracks

This record is a far cry from not the most popular Job Pink Floyd. However, they carry weight-at least for the drummer of the band! In some of his interviews. Nick Mason sincerely expressed his love for the album "Obscured by Clouds"which, by the way, is the soundtrack to the French film "The Valley.".

For some music lovers seventh studio work of the legendary band passed by... So - we decided to correct this misunderstanding, and to shed some light on the creation history, as well as some curious details related to "Obscured by Clouds"! And if you know this album firsthand - our today's article will be a great excuse to enjoy your favorite tracks one more time.

History of Creation: The Idea and the Recording Process

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Today, critics call "Obscured by Clouds" a temporary measure of the band, which at that time began work on its next - the cult album "The Dark Side of the Moon. For this reason the record is also known as "The Dark Side of the Moon Hidden by Clouds". In fact, Pink Floyd didn't even plan to record it. They were on tour, while the director Barbe Schroederwith whom the musicians had previously collaborated, approached them with a proposal to record the soundtrack for his new film "The Valley.". The rockers agreed, and took some time out to do the work.

The album was recorded with limited time in mind, so everything was done rather quickly, which is unusual for Floyd. The band didn't even think about any cool solos, and resorted to acoustic guitarwhich prevails in "Obscured by Clouds". Nevertheless, like true professionals of their craft - they recorded a beautiful set of structured songs, which fit perfectly into the film! Despite the fact that the record passed many listeners by, it made the list of personal favorites of the drummer Nick Masonwho expressed his genuine love for her in interviews.

Nick Mason
Nick Mason

Remarkably, this story was not without scandal. Immediately after finishing the recording Floyd managed to quarrel with the film company! In fact, the album was originally supposed to be called "The Valley" - just like the film. But amid the scandal, the decision was made to rename it to "Obscured by Clouds".

List of tracks

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

The album includes 10 tracksand despite the fact that the recording was done literally "in haste", the length of the record is a full 40 minutes. Of course, it's a little less than some of the previous albums, but it's still an amazing result, considering the extreme conditions under which the work was going on.

As we emphasized above, the main feature of "Obscured by Clouds" was acoustic guitarThe lyrics are mostly centered around love. It may not be Floyd's style, but it is in the spirit of the film itself. So - the rockers did their job on 100%!

A still from the 1972 film "The Valley
A still from the 1972 film "The Valley

Remarkably, the song "Free Four." was the only single from the release. In general, the tracks from "Obscured by Clouds" were not particularly revered by fans and Floyd themselves during live performances. Nevertheless, there were rare exceptions. Another one interesting fact - "Free Four" was the band's first single since "See Emily Play," which became very popular in the States! And now - we suggest listening to the full song list.

"Obscured by Clouds"

"When You're In"

"Burning Bridges."

"The Gold It's in the..."

"Wot's... Uh the Deal."


"Childhood's End

"Free Four."


"Absolutely Curtains."

Success and influence

Pink Floyd Photo
Pink Floyd Photo

We cannot say that "Obscured by Clouds" was an impressive success (although the record did go far in the charts in some countries). Both critics and even devoted fans of the band treated it with incomprehension. There were some good reviews, but on the whole - ambiguous there was more. As the years passed, it was forgotten, and even bypassed by some music lovers altogether. And yet it had a small impact. And to a greater extent, on the Pink Floyd. According to some observers, the group later drew on this experience many times when working on new records.

Cover of "Obscured by Clouds" by Pink Floyd
Cover of "Obscured by Clouds" by Pink Floyd

One last notable fact: the album cover depicts man in a tree! It is not so easy to guess, for the photo was deliberately made defocused. The cover was designed Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powelland, according to them, initially the team did not want "anything interesting.

"They didn't want to do a good cover, because they understood that it would lead to possible competition with the cover of 'The Dark Side of the Moon'. But I said: "We can't just take it and not give a damn about it! We have to make at least an interesting cover to match the best traditions of Pink Floyd!" recalled director Schroeder.

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