The best early Pink Floyd songs according to Fuzz Music magazine

It is the early recordings that provide a glimpse of what the legendary band was like at the very beginning of its journey....

The best early Pink Floyd songs: early hits, clips and facts

Pink Floyd - one of the most legendary bands in rock history. The band has sold millions of records worldwide, some of the most interesting album artwork in music, iconic rock opera The WallThe project's merits are hard to list, but one thing is certain: Pink Floyd are true legends and kings of their direction. It is difficult to list all the merits of this project, but one thing can be said with absolute certainty: Pink Floyd are true legends and kings of their direction.

Their history began in the distant 60s. At that time, their leader and main ideological inspirer was Sid Barrett - Barrett was a very interesting personality who always seemed "out of this world" to many music lovers. Barrett was too dark, too mysterious, too subtle and too singularly brilliant... In general - he stood out significantly from many of his fellow contemporaries, although he didn't get the attention he deserved in the future. Alas, he was dismissed from the band because his mental health was deteriorating as Pink Floyd's fame grew. As the members recognised, at some point he lost his ability to play, as well as his interest in the band itself...

Sid Barrett
Sid Barrett

Nevertheless, despite everything, Barrett's effect on Floyd is undeniable. He laid the foundation, gave the idea, which his mates managed to develop and turn into a cult. After Barrett, Floyd grew significantly: they achieved the perfect sound and gained worldwide fame. They became big stars and were loved by millions! However, it was their early records allow us to take a look at what the legendary band was like at the very beginning of its journey. And today we tried to collect the best of them. These are the best early Pink Floyd songs according to Fuzz Music magazine.

"Astronomy Domine."

Syd Barrett and Roger Waters
Syd Barrett and Roger Waters

Sid Barrett lasted only a few singles and two albums before his mental problems caused by illegal substances pushed him out of the band. The opening track on their debut album is a cosmic frenzy, fusing Pink Floyd's psychedelic and prog foundation with the luxurious sheen of...

"Astronomy Domine." is one of the most recognisable songs of early Floyd - and one of the most beloved among fans.

"Apples and Oranges"

Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett.
Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett.

"Apples and oranges." - was the simple title of a song written by Barrett. Sid was the band's in-house songwriter at the beginning of the journey, and "Apples and Oranges" demonstrates this talent in the best possible way.

"In her pocket is a packet of fancy cigarettes.
It's good to appear fashionable,
Free shoe shopping,
Promenade through the shops, in the sunshine, unperturbed..."

"Apples and Oranges" - one of his most charming compositions, which also dispels rumours that Sid's guitar skills are not as good as David Gilmour's. The riff literally soars...

"See Emily Play"

Syd Barrett (centre)
Syd Barrett (centre)

The band's second single, which is hard to pass up.

It's a gorgeous track done in the best tradition of early Floyd and the 60's in general!

"Put on, you, a dress that's down to the ground, ah, ah.
And float on the river, Emily, forever and ever..."

"Arnold Layne"

Trek "Arnold Layne" was also written by Barrett. It became Pink Floyd's debut single, and, in fact, the starting point of their creative journey.

It's a perfect example of their earlier psychedelic side, of who the band was before their cult status. The composition itself has gained immortality: it is included in lists time and time again of the most legendary songs in the history ofas well as music that changed the world.

"Lucifer Sam."

An icon of his era, Syd Barrett
An icon of his era, Syd Barrett

As we think it's the most memorable song from the band's debut album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.". There is a lot of speculation as to who is actually being talked about in "Lucifer Sam.". In fact, it was probably Barrett's Siamese cat, as evidenced by the fact that the song was originally titled "Percy the Rat Catcher."and the fact that the cat's name was Sam. We are sure: if the moustache knew about music, he would definitely appreciate this track.

Which early Pink Floyd songs do you like the most? And in general - what song (or album) started your acquaintance with this band? Share your preferences and experience in comments, maybe - you are not alone in your views! And that's all for us. We hope our selection was useful for you.


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