The coolest punk rockers in history according to Fuzz Music Magazine - Part Two

They rewrote rock history and became the inspiration for a legion of female followers! Who are these charismatic punk rockers?

The Best and Most Popular Punk Rockers in History - Part Two

Today we continue to remember the brightest and most charismatic rebels in history. punk rock! In their day, these beauties set the heat, as they say, and proved to the whole world that women in rock are very much alive. The fact is that before punk came along, nobody believed in rocker girls, except for the fact that they were mocked. But icons like. Nina Hagen or Patti Smithwhich we already talked about in the first part, proved the opposite.

So: they rewrote rock history and became the inspiration for a legion of female followers! Who are these charismatic punk rockers? We offer to remember their names, creative achievements and other merits together with us.

Lena Lovich

Lena Lovich
Lena Lovich

This beauty has a fascinating history: A British singer of Yugoslavian origin who was born in the States - already sounds interesting, doesn't she? But her songs sound just as interesting. Lena Lovich became known as one of the most talented rock singers of the punk era. Journalists described her as "one of the most unusual and memorable figures" of the new wave. And she was. Just by herself. stage image Lovic made an indelible impression on the audience (not to mention his excellent vocal skills).

As a child, Lena studied classical music, and learned to play instruments such as the violin and saxophone. But her creative path turned toward rock, and that's where the story began. At first she performed in several bands before starting her own with a friend. It's about The Diversions. Alas, their debut album was never released, but it wasn't long before Lovic made a name for herself as a self-sufficient solo star. In many ways, her work is next wave. But in those years the movement was confused with punk, and as a result, Lovitch became a source of inspiration for many punk rockers.

Belinda Carlyle

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

Surely some of our readers now surprised: Belinda Carlyle and punk rock? What? Yeah, yeah, it might look weird considering we're talking about the performer of some of the softest pop hits of the '80s. But we're willing to answer for every word we say. And Carlyle is the spokeswoman for punk.

Even before she became a solo star and an icon of the soft pop sound of the '80s, Belinda was a member, vocalist, and founding member of the The Go-Go's - of an all-female punk band that made a lot of noise in its day! The media was all over the place about these female rockers, and not in a positive way. It was not easy for women in rock at that time, and the Go-Go's were in the crosshairs, as they say. They were criticized at every opportunity, mocked, disbelieved in... And yet they became a cult in their own way. And that speaks volumes.

Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy.

Have you heard anything about Poison Ivy.? Her name is not as popular as Nina Hagen's (for example), but it means a lot to punk. Guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and founder of the American garage punk band The Cramps - it's all about her.

The Cramps were part of the nascent punk rock scene in 1976. Did they have their due influence? Absolutely! The band became famous for their unusual and unique sound, as well as for their truly rebellious performances that immediately let the audience know what punk was. Punk fans remember these guys to this day, and Poison Ivy. became an idol for many girls who dared to step into the rock arena...

Iksen Cervenka

Iksen Cervenka
Iksen Cervenka

Bright, unusual, charismatic... All this. Iksen Cervenka. Maybe you haven't heard anything about this punk vocalist before, because her work is not particularly popular among music lovers (except for mature punk fans). In general, punk, as a genre, is not for everyone...

Iksen Cervenka became famous as the vocalist of the band "X" - one of the first punk bands in California! X" didn't become very popular, but they influenced the punk scene considerably. And Ixen, as the vocalist of the band, became an important source of inspiration for hundreds of female followers (and followers, too, in general).

Joan Jett

dzhoan dzhett 3
Joan Jett

And finally, we decided to remember the sultry beauty of the rebel. Joan Jett. Many sources attribute her work to punk rock (in part), so - why leave this diva out? She clearly deserves attention, considering how much she has done for the industry.

Beginning your journey with The Runaways, Jett perpetually struggled with the injustices that flourished in the industry toward women. According to her own recollections, fans would spit on the band at concerts! All simply because they were girls. But after The Runaways, Jett became a big rock star. Today hardly anyone would question her talent and influence, but at the beginning of her journey there were many who wanted to do so.

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