Top best songs of the performer and woman of the decade Taylor Swift

One can talk endlessly about the high achievements of this charming American with millions of YouTube clip views... However, today we will talk about the most powerful hits of the singer, which inspired her followers and listeners, including...

Taylor Swift - a selection of the singer's biggest hits

Taylor Swift - American songwriter and performer, talented actress and director ... She was recognized as the best female artist of the decade according to American Music Awards, as well as just a woman of the decade according to Billboard! Winner of the most awarded country album and the most awarded pop album in history, swift - musical superstar! The singer's fifth studio album, titled "1989" made her the first woman to win a Grammy twice in the category Best Album of the Year, and immediately three songs from him led Billboard Hot 100! You can talk endlessly about the high achievements of this charming American with millions of video clips on YouTube ... However, today we will talk about the most powerful hits of the singer, which inspired her followers and listeners, including ... So: this is the top best songs of the performer and woman of the decade Taylor Swift!

"Tim McGraw"

"He said, 'The way your blue eyes sparkle
Outshines the stars in the Georgia sky tonight.”
I replied: "That's a lie"
A simple guy in a Chevrolet pickup
which often gets stuck
On the roads at night
And I've been by his side all summer
But one day we woke up and realized that the summer was over ... "

This song was the first single from the debut album swift, and ... she quickly attracted the attention of the public. Actually, it's not hard to see why. The lyrics reflect the singer's tumultuous young days: Taylor wrote "Tim McGraw" as a freshman in high school! But this in no way reduces the quality of the work ... Here swift demonstrates his talent in combining the sharp plot of the song with the radio tunes! This composition is very different from the later works of the performer, which often reflect those who pass through her life ...

"Blank Space"

This song is electropop with elements of minimalism. She came out on a single in November 2010 year, and by January its circulation amounted to more than 4 million copies (and this is only on the territory USA!)

As for the music video, the filmed Joseph Kahn - the winner of many prestigious awards - he scored almost 3 billion views! This is a lot - not every rock idol twentieth century can boast of similar achievements... Our respect, Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn.


There's something deeply honest and vulnerable about this track... Taylor describes his uncertainty about the reputation created media, and how that might affect her budding romance with a potential partner. The vocals, amplified by the vocoder, evoke an interior monologue in which swift does what she does best: she comes across as a hugely successful and famous pop star!

"Shake It Off"

Hit from the album "1989"! The song, like the album itself, showed fans how Swift changed her image from country music to pop music ... By the way: on the world's largest video hosting YouTube video clip "Shake It Off" has over 3 billion views...

"Everything Has Changed"

Red - not the best album of the singer, but it presents some of the most impressive works in her career ... For example - a duet with Ed Sheeran "Everything Has Changed"! This is a lyrical masterpiece, widely regarded as the greatest song created by Taylor Swift...

"Bad Blood"

Song recorded by Taylor with a rapper named Kendrick Lamar. The energetic composition tells about the betrayal of a close friend, because of which the media suggested that "Bad Blood" was dedicated Katy Perry, with whom Swift recently began a feud ...

As for the clip, it shows a company of singers and photo models, whom the media called the "squad" swift! The music video won not only a Grammy, but also two awards. MTV Video Music Awards!

"Teardrops on My Guitar"

It was this track that helped launch Taylor Swift into the stratosphere, which has received the status of a certified star! This early masterpiece, this single from her eponymous debut, gave listeners a chance to see the vivid images she painted through words and music... Her heartbreaking verses about unrequited love and a broken teenage heart resonated with people all over the world.

"Look What You Made Me Do"

A dynamic track that scored over 8 million streaming auditions on Spotify in 24 hours since its release! In this way, Taylor Swift set a new record...

"Our Song"

One of the most memorable songs of the early Taylor"Our Song" continues to be a beloved track from the debut album, despite the fact that so many years have passed since its release ...


Few songs and songwriters achieve the cult status that the funk-pop-rock track Swift has achieved! Often hailed as the best track from the Grammy-winning album "1989", "Style" talks about a recurring relationship that both parties can't help but return to - an instantly recognizable milestone in every young person's life.

"I Knew You Were Trouble"

Career-defining Taylor Swift, this song is from the critically acclaimed album Red gave fans a glimpse into the future of the singer's discography... Based on a toxic relationship, this track was clearly inspired by dubstep and electropop and it sounds really good!

"You Belong With Me"

Composition from the album Fearless, which, to some extent, is autobiographical for Swift ... The song was filmed with a captivating music video that won several awards at once (including MTV Video Music Awards for "Best Female Video").

"Wildest Dreams"

The title of this track translates as "Wildest Dreams"… This dreamy, thoughtful ballad for an almost former lover was special: it was tuned to the beat of the heart of the Taylor, and also had an atypical vocal style that fans loved so much ...

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