The best songs from Soviet films: part two

The main hits of domestic cinema ...

Top best songs from Soviet films (part 2)

Today we will remember the most favorite compositions from Soviet films! All these masterpieces continue to warm the soul of the listener for more than a decade, because they all have the status of "out of time". Great hits written and performed by no less great people... Less words - more to the point: we are starting!

"Snowflake" (from the movie Wizards)

It can rightly be said that The Magicians is one of the best musical film masterpieces of the Soviet Union! As for the "Song of the Snowflake", according to the plot of the film, it is performed by the sister of the protagonist, but in fact we get a chance to enjoy the beautiful voice of Olga Rozhdestvenskaya (accompanied by VIA "Good fellows"):

“... If the snowflake does not melt,
Will not melt in your palms
While the clock strikes twelve...

In 2008, the popular rock band Adventures of Electronics presented their version of "Snowflakes"! By the way: this group has gained success thanks to the performance of covers of songs from famous Soviet cartoons and films ...

"Dove" (from the film Midshipmen forward)

Composer Vladimir Lebedev and poet Yuri Ryashentsev became the authors of the legendary hit... Performed by the chief midshipman of the Soviet Union - Mikhail Boyarsky!

Some listeners also know this song called "Lanfren-lanfra" - and as it turned out, this expression does not make any sense: "... it's something like" oh-lu-li "in our Russian songs ..." - said Yuri Ryashentsev. It's a pity, because it was this mysterious French accent that always added charm and mystery to this composition ...

"Alexandra" (from the film Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears)

“Alexandra, Alexandra, this city is ours with you. We became his fate, you look into his face ... ”- this truly charming composition has become the pride of all Alexander!

She also became the main pearl of the great film by Vladimir Menshov ...

“Oh, the viburnum is blooming” (from the movie Kuban Cossacks)

Well, this is just a legendary composition that absolutely every listener knows - regardless of the era in which he was born and raised ...

“Oh, viburnum blooms in the field by the stream,
I fell in love with a young guy
I fell in love with the guy to my misfortune,
I can’t open, I can’t find the words ... "

Well, where without the song “What you were, remained so”, which gained wide popularity also thanks to the “Kuban Cossacks”? Enjoying…

"Winged swing" (from the movie Adventure Electronics)

It is hard to imagine how it was possible to write such a sincere, beautiful and simply magical song in its content... But this is the merit of two geniuses: the composer Evgeny Krylatov to the words of the poet Yuri Entin...

"Forgotten everything in the world,
Heart froze in the chest
Only the sky, only the wind
Only joy ahead ... "

The most interesting thing is that at first the director of the film was very dissatisfied with this composition ... Actually, the word to the author himself:

“In general, Konstantin Bromberg has always been a sensitive and delicate person, with the right approach to business. But then ... I see that he comes out all gloomy after recording, it’s scary to look ... I ask: “What is it? Did you not like the song? And he replies: “This is not a song, this is complete crap!” I was even confused, very upset ... But what was to be done? We included it in the film ... "

However - after the release of the film "Winged Swing" became a big hit! Well… Konstantin Bromberg gradually changed his attitude towards the song.

“I won’t brag, honey” (from the film Wedding with a Dowry)

“I won’t brag, dear,” is a well-known composition from the movie “Wedding with a Dowry”! Music by Boris Mokrousov to lyrics by Alexei Fatyanov…

By the way: such excellent actors as Vera Vasilyeva (the best foreman of the Iskra collective farm), Vladimir Ushakov (the best foreman, and later the chairman of the Zarya collective farm) and Vitaly Doronin (the foreman, and then the collective farmer of Iskra) played in this film.

"Sea" (from the movie Take care of women)

The composition "Sea" was written by Yuri Antonov and Leonid Fadeev. No wonder the song was a big success among the listeners...

"Sea, sea, bottomless world,
Foamy rustle of coastal waves,
They rise above you like the dawn
They rise above you like the dawn
Our youth of hope ... "

“Imagine to Yourself” (from the film Wizards)

This beautiful composition was brilliantly performed by Alexander Abdulov… It was sung by Leonid Serebrennikov for the audio edition. Who turned out better is up to the listeners to decide: we will enjoy the version from the film ...

"Bad weather" (from the movie Mary Poppins, goodbye)

The author of this song was Naum Olev - a great Soviet and Russian songwriter. It is worth paying tribute to this genius, because he managed to complete the difficult task - to choose the right words in such a way as to convey to the children a far from childish message: you need to appreciate life here and now!

"Nowhere, nowhere, we can not hide,
But you can’t put off life in any way ... "

It seems like it could be a great anthem for a lot of people!

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