Rock legends' Top 5 Chic "Late" Releases

While most of their contemporaries focused on reworking old hits or moving away from music altogether, our heroes today have demonstrated that they have only gotten better with age - just like wine!

The best late releases from rock stars

Not every rock star can keep the fire burning until the end of time. It's only natural that artists get older, and you don't expect them to put out the same classics they did in their prime when they enjoyed chart-topping positions... Still, at times the world encounters pleasant exceptions. While most of their contemporaries focused on reworking old hits or moving away from music altogether, our heroes of today have demonstrated that as they've gotten older, they've become only better - just like wine!

These records may not have been big hits. But that's not so important. What matters is that their creators have proven their awesomeness and their ability to stay afloat even decades after their peak of fame! This is the top of awesome "late" releases by rock legendsThe "I'm a man of the world," which were released by our beloved idols at an advanced age.

Def Leppard - "X"

Def Leppard
Def Leppard

Most of even the great heavy metal bands had no chance to stay on top of the charts after 1992. In just a few months came the Nirvana era, and all the Sunset Strip bands are a thing of the past... But did they fight for the right to exist like they did Def Leppard? Yes, but with varying degrees of success. While their colleagues continued to "drown" in good old rock'n'roll, or, on the contrary, released rather cheap commercial experiments in order to "hit the trends", Def Leppard managed to find the perfect balance and attract the attention of new fans. It's about their album "X" 2002.

Despite the fact that some loyal fans did not understand this release (for the album deviated far from traditional rock and roll), "The Leppards. have shown that their ability to work in the sound of modern pop music is actually surprisingly good! The main trump card of this album is Producing: The band still brings those classic layered harmonies they inherited from Queen, and uses them effectively in such ballads as "Long, Long Way to Go". Compared to other bands that just want to sell out and make songs that are more in tune with the times, this record seems to have been made with love.

Paul McCartney - "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

By 2005, the Paul McCartney there was no longer any reason to record new albums. He had already become a superstar several times, and even if his '90s work had become "daddy rock" to some people, he still had plenty of Beatles-era songs to keep his legacy and loud name safe. But a chance encounter with a Radiohead producer sparked a record "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" - of the posh record of the noughties!

There are a few moments on this album that deviate from Paul's usual style, sticking mostly to piano for much of the track list and creating different soundscapes that are more in keeping with the indie scene. Yet the Paul McCartney everyone knew is still out there somewhere. It's just that this record feels like from another worldFar from the solo days or the Beatles days, but definitely fascinating...

Pearl Jam - "Lightning Bolt"

Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

At the time of issue "Lightning Bolt." The era of grunge has long been behind us. Nevertheless, it was this 2013 record that showed just how great and ingenious Pearl Jam in my direction! It's not the only one, though.

Inspired by The Who and the new wave, Pearl Jam presented fans with gorgeous tracks in different styles and harmonies. To expect such a result from a band whose name seemed to remain in the 90's would be fantastic. And yet... the oldies made it clear that they are still didn't say everything.

Rush - "Vapor Trails"

Rush group
Rush group

A great record from 2002, which many devoted fans Rush appreciated.

Everything seemed to be heading toward a breakup of Rush, and the tour Test For Echo in the late '90s was to be their last. While the band itself was still on good terms, Neil Peart he became more and more lost in his personal life, having lost his daughter after a tragic car accident and his wife, who died soon after from cancer... And yet he found the strength to record a great album with his bandmates "Vapor Trails. (as well as several more subsequent releases) before passing away in 2020.

David Bowie - "Blackstar"

David Bowie
David Bowie

For most of the 2000s, it wouldn't surprise anyone if David Bowie decided to just quietly retire from music. He had already done everything he could: become a legend and a world-class superstar! But as it turned out, his 2016 record "Blackstar." was a kind of wiring we didn't even know we had...

Written around the time Bowie was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, the songs with "Blackstar." represent some of his parting words to his fans, released just days before his passing in 2016. A nostalgic album that demonstrates that Bowie was still pushing boundaries, drawing inspiration from jazz and soul and bringing together some of New York's greatest session musicians to provide the backdrop for his musical last will...

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