Love and separation are the main themes of Sting's fifteenth album

"The Bridge" showcases Sting's prolific and varied songwriting skills. In them, the author explores the themes and styles that have surrounded him throughout his career.

All about Sting's new solo album The Bridge (2021)

"The Bridge." - The legend's fifteenth studio album and first rock album in five years "The Police" by Sting. The disc was released on 19 November 2021, giving fans of the 17-time Grammy Award winner 10 great tracks! The first single from the disc was the track "If It's Love" - An infectious and cheerful melody that demonstrates the musician's melodic gift in all its glory. But today we will discuss other creations that successfully completed the record with a laconic title "The Bridge."!

History of creation, background


About the fact that Sting is set to release its first new rock album in five years, it has been revealed in late summer 2021. September presented fans with the first single "If It's Love"which many people liked. The author himself emphasised that the record was born in the light of unfavourable events: a global pandemic, turmoil, self-isolation, severe upheavals, as well as personal losses and separations made themselves felt, leaving an imprint on the record. "The Bridge.".

The eclectic work showcases the different phases and styles that have accompanied Sting's career over the decades. It harmonises rock'n'roll, jazz, folk and even classical music. Of course, Sting's recognisable sound is still as bright and bold as ever, especially clear in the song "Rushing Water.". The already mentioned 'If It's Love' traces fresher indie-pop motifs, while the romanticised ballads . "Loving You" и "For Her Love." can evoke nostalgia, reminiscent of the period "Fields of Gold.".


The album was written and recorded in just one year. The recording took place in the artist's own studio, remotely with other masters of his craft: among them drummers Josh Freese и Manu Katche, saxophonist Branford Marsalis and many others. "The Bridge", or rather some tracks from it, also showcases a collaboration with Sting's long-time guitarist, Dominic Miller. Production of the material was handled by Sting himself and Martin Kirzenbaumexcept for the fact that "Loving You".

Remote work on the material can also be labelled as one of the "bridges." of this album.

Track list

"The Bridge." showcases Sting's prolific and varied songwriting skills. In them, the author explores the themes and styles that surrounded him throughout his career. From the upbeat "If It's Love"confirming the musician's melodic gift, to "Loving You"A testament to his ability to fantasise about love. We suggest to get acquainted with each track in more detail personally.

"Rushing Water."

"If It's Love"

"The Book of Numbers"

"Loving You"

"Harmony Road."

"For Her Love."

"The Hills on the Border"

"Captain Bateman."

"The Bells of St Thomas"

"The Bridge."

Bonus tracks that are included in the deluxe edition

"Waters of Tyne"

"Captain Bateman's Basement"

"(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay."

"Of course, I'm not the first author to equate love with disease, and the agony of it with symptoms of that very disease. And certainly not the last. But to touch on this subject is to give each of us an extra reason to immerse ourselves in personal warm memories," commented Sting.


The record got its name for a reason: exploring a variety of themes, "The Bridge." represents a journey into the past. While working on this album. Sting Reflected on the music and places that shaped his own creative foundations.

"The songs on 'The Bridge' are like two sides of a river! And a bridge is built between them, on which you can travel between one state of mind and the other. It's a bridge between whole eras!" - emphasised the artiste.

Critical reception and success


In general, critics received the new record warmly. Some emphasised the soulful pop-rock vibe emanating from the tracks, while others noted the jazz influence and moody moods of the compositions. "This is strong work from an author who sees the warning signs ahead," wrote one reviewer. There were those who saw the album's concept as a bridge that united Sting's established interests in musical genres. So many people, so many opinions. However, one great thing about "The Bridge." is obvious: the record demonstrates Sting as a sound artist who can still sound as fresh and bright after decades!


"The Bridge." is available to fans in several formats: standard and deluxe compact discs and vinyls, Japanese exclusives, cassettes and, of course, digital. In just two weeks the album has racked up millions of listens on various platforms! A great gift in these difficult times for the world.


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