Horror movies and more: a selection of James Wan's best films

Do you like good movies? We've rounded up the top 8 most popular movies directed by James Wan!

Top 8 Most Popular Films by Famous Director James Wan

Vivid, daring, scary and dynamic. The films of this talented director are very different, but always attract the attention of the public. We wanted to talk about the best works of the Australian director. 

James on the set
James on the set

Dead Silence

The year is 2007. The director tried to make "Saw" a success, but the format of the work turned out to be somewhat different. But here they remembered a sinister doll, which turns out to be an evil killer, a castle in the Gothic style, and the curses of the tribe. The plot centers on a young man who decides to punish those responsible for the death of his beloved spouse. Noir? Not really. Something in common with the detective genre, there are even elements of a thriller. It seems that the whole film is fragments of different directions, which are diluted with atmosphere-creating music. However, the author's characteristic handwriting in this work can be traced with a great stretch.


Three years later, the director decided to present a new work to the world. And this time the low-budget picture collects at the box office almost as much money as the famous "Saw". The main character (Patrick Wilson was able to cope well with the role) moves the family in the new house. And then immediately at night, strange things happen. The movement of objects, voices, and the final point in the form of the son's coma. It turns out that the child is able to enter the otherworld, but only helpers can get him out of there. Scary? Yes, the mundane landscapes where millions of Americans live are not at all homely and peaceful.


The stellar cast and 2018. Wang's work stands out dramatically from the dystopian pictures of Planet DC. It's light, with funny dialogue and rich colors. Plus, the choice of lead role performers. Underwater World Features allow the director to use all the possibilities of special effectsand even make the audience think about the importance of family values. Who would have thought that a classic comic book story could be told so vividly, not forgetting the human emotions and making the audience laugh heartily after a tense scene. Notes of naivete and primitive? But it is precisely this approach that allowed a huge audience to be hooked on watching the picture.

Forsage 7

It seems that since the director's work on the seventh installment, the outlines of the well-known franchise have fundamentally changed. Plus, Van. managed to keep the main idea that you can get the coolest car, opportunities, but without family values, all these benefits are nothing.

The appearance of Statham as a counterbalance to the protagonist and his loved ones is rather a plus. But rather absurd scenes that violate every imaginable and not the laws of gravity have not all taken warmly. For one thing. House's jump from one high-rise to another. In addition to the familiar world of cool cars, fans of the genre got a sci-fi in the spirit of Bollywood.

Saw: A Survival Game

Almost two decades old, two still young Australians decided to make a story about a survival game. Risking their lives every second, the characters have to find the key and step by step try to find a way out. Who would have thought that shooting a job in a cramped warehouse could captivate and captivate an audience. Even a modest budget proves to be no hindrance, If you choose the right style, the idea, and take the audience's breath away. It was probably after the release of this film that we could safely say that the genre had a new classic. While Van was seen as the creator of horror films, he hatched a plan, and managed to prove to the public that he was capable of more.


The Meter's most recent work in his favorite genre. Will this story be the beginning of a new franchise? It's unlikely, but it's certainly original, not another sequel.
Girl, who was visited every night by an evil creature, everyone refused to believe it. So she has to fight every day. The plot is banal, but the director's work and the quality of each shot make it possible to turn even controversial material into a decent picture.

Death Sentence

This is not a thriller, a horror, but a rather intense and violent action movie. The hero is almost a classic vigilante who Ready to punish all of his daughter's abusers. Kevin Bacon's work is another highlight of the picture. He is the most ordinary and even perfect family man. He holds a decent position, adores his family. Everything changed one day when a criminal gang kills his son.

It seems that the plot can be calculated almost to the very end, but even connoisseurs of the genre will be amazed. It's not even the plot itself, but the way the director presents it. On a very modest budgetThe spectacularity of the methods of punishment make one swoon and marvel. The director turns the most hackneyed ideas into an exquisite show, and these are almost characteristic features of Wang's handwriting, for which he is appreciated and loved.

The Spell

Probably, this 2013 film can be considered almost a calling card of the meter. Who would have thought that so many viewers around the world would want to see the story of the exorcist family? It seems that it was from this work that the endless branches and reflections on monsters and monstrosities began. Only no matter how many times the directors tried to copy and use the trademark style of the meter, they were not destined to achieve the result. The first part may surprise the audience with a banal plot. The family has decided to help the Perrons, who have just bought a house, and one of the relatives is possessed by a demon. Warren has to rush to the rescue. While the demon drives the new owners of the house, the exorcists have to figure out what the spirit is avenging, and exorcise it. It's as old as time, and it's a story Van turns into a real miracle.

In part, you can trace almost classic techniques from horror movies. Even the retro music works in this direction. Just the stylistics, the staging, the construction of the scenes. There's also the wisdom, the lesson, that any nightmare can be escapedIf you value family values, love, help and faith.


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