Which films of Ron Howard are recognized as the best

Do you like good movies? We have collected the TOP 5 most popular films directed by Ron Howard!

TOP 5 most popular films of the famous director Ron Howard

Among the dozens of well-known projects directed by Ron Howard, it is not so easy to choose the best ones. Each of his films is unique in its own way, and each plot story is not like any other. However, we were able to select 5 of Howard's best films.

Ron Howard is personally involved in the shoot
Ron Howard is personally involved in the shoot

All the presented paintings are perfect for both personal and family viewing. After receiving highest ratings from film criticsthey continue to give their viewers incredible emotions.

Apollo 13 (1995)

A historical film directed by Ron Howard tells the story of one of the most tragic events in the history of space. The film is based on the book" The Lost Moon " by James Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. The film's tagline "Houston, we have a problem" has become one of the most recognizable phrases in World cinema.
America's spaceship makes its way to the moon. This trip promises to be a success and give the ship a worthy title of the 3rd ship to visit the Earth's satellite. By a terrible combination of circumstances, already on the approach to the target, the crew encountered a serious accident. This not only made it impossible for astronauts to land on the moon, but also put people's lives at risk.
The story has impressed people from every corner of the planet. Ron Howard did a great job, and it certainly paid off. The film still occupies high positions in the World Rating.

"Redemption" (1996)

Remake of the 1956 film Redemption starring Mel Gibson and Ron Howards, Rene Russo and Gary Sinise, directed by Ron Howard it is a classic world cinema. The American thriller is still popular among movie lovers.

The film's plot revolves around a successful airline owner, Tom Mullen. Now his life is a dream of any person. Money, a loving wife and son. However, the dark past finds loopholes and makes itself felt even in such a cloudless present. Favorite son of an entrepreneur is kidnapped, and it's all the fault of an illegal case that Tom pulled off in the past and for which his assistant was arrested.
The film constantly keeps the audience on their toes. The brilliant performance of the actors and the unexpected denouement are the cherry on the cake of a cinematic masterpiece.

The Da Vinci Code (2006)

This work is banned from being shown in a huge number of countries for religious reasons. The film was considered blasphemous and offensive to the Holy Scriptures, moreover, it greatly offended the adherents of the Catholic Church. The presentation of this film in cinemas caused great indignation among people. However, this does not make this work of Ron Howard less brilliant and successful. The main characters, including Tom Hanks, had to solve a murder that occurred in the Louvre. The most important clue to its disclosure turned out to be in the well-known painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Heroes have to go deeper and deeper into the abyss of secrets prepared for them. They may contain the truth that will shake the position of the Catholic Church around the world.

"Race" (2013)

The picture of Ron Howard, dedicated to Formula 1 drivers, is still relevant and is in the top 250 pictures of Kinopoisk. Based on real events, the story tells us about the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The director went through a full immersion and I tried out driving a racing car myself, in order to feel the same as real racers. The main characters are absolute opposites of each other, having absolute character traits, they still have one similarity. Everyone gives their best to achieve victory on the track. One extra move can lead to a career collapse or even a loss of life.

"The Grinch Stealer of Christmas" (2000)

Brilliant actors, amazing scenery, an interesting plot-all this immerses both the child and the adult in the atmosphere of Christmas and fairy tales. Ron Howard gave the world one of my favorite christmas vacation movies. Its main character Grinch won the hearts of viewers from all over the world.

Happy little people lived in the city of Ktograd, and their favorite holiday was Christmas. On the eve of the holiday, the entire population had a lot of fun and looked forward to the most magical time of the year. But one little man was not at all happy about this fun. His name was the Grinch. Green, covered in hair and with a perpetually sullen face, he was not liked by the people of the city. It was at this time, when all the families gathered together at the same table, when all the friends came to visit each other, that he felt especially lonely. Out of resentment, he became angry with the residents and decided to steal their most precious thing-the Christmas holiday. A kind fairy tale about the most important things will light up the heart and soul of kids and adults with warmth. 


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