Post-punk in our hearts: a selection of contemporary Russian bands

Below we suggest getting acquainted with the most popular Russian post-punk bands, whose songs are listened to by the youth and not only...

The Best Russian Post-Punk Bands: List and Hits

Post-Punk - It's not a genre for everyone. It came from punk rock, but these two movements have very little in common. Unlike the punk that we are used to, post-punk is not full of dynamism, thunder and energy. It is, you could say, the exact opposite: monotonous sound, the same vocal performance - even a little bit dull, depressive lyrics... For... melancholic this genre will be a godsend, but for people who prefer "a little more life" in their songs, it is not understandable.

So: what is post-punk, where did it come from, and why does it mean so much to domestic "doomers." (and who are they anyway)?

Post-punk and what it means for the "Doomers" generation

Ian Curtis.
Ian Curtis - a bright representative of post-punk

Post-punk originated in Great Britain at the end of 70s. It comes from punk rockBut its idea is completely different from the mentioned genre. Post-punk is more lyrically deep, monotonous in its sound and depressive in its mood, which was inspired by The Doors, the works of David Bowie, The Velvet Underground and other similar bands. Post-punk aims at musical experimentation, and its sound was also influenced by dub, funk, and reggae.

Other sources of inspiration include cinema, performance art and modernist literature. Song lyrics in the post-punk genre are characterized by depressed mood. As a rule, it is a search for the meaning of life, but sometimes it can also be about love (more often in a negative way, of course).

Russian panel meme
Russian panel meme

As for Russia, post-punk appeared here in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The father of "Russian post-punk" is considered to be Viktor Tsoi and his Kino. Of course, we're used to associating this band with rock, but if you listen carefully to their music, it becomes obvious that the post-punk influence has its place. The songs in the spirit of "Watch Yourself" as well as the monotonous performance and slightly muffled sound... A lot speaks for itself here.

When the USSR collapsed, post-punk bands began to appear on the scene, but they were quickly forgotten. An unexpected leap in the popularity of the genre occurred in our country already in the 2010s. It was associated with the so-called generation of "doomers." - people who were born in the second half of the 1990s. But, it should be noted, this is not a full-fledged generation, but rather an offshoot. And yet the term has caught on and become a kind of poetic term in our country (despite the fact that it comes from the word "doom." - doom).

Doomers are melancholic and depressive people. They are inspired by longing and nostalgia, the aesthetics of Russian panoramas and everything in that spirit. And that's why sad post-punk is an outlet and a source of inspiration for them. Below you can find the most popular Russian post-punk bands, whose songs are listened to by the youth and not only!

"Silent at Home" - post-punk from Minsk with a worldwide reputation

"Silent at home."
"Silent at home."

The project was formed in Minsk in 2017 Yegor Shkutko and By Roman Komogortsev. Their debut album brought them to the attention of the public, and the second disc, released in 2018, brought success: the album "Floors." ranked among the top 20 best albums of 2018 by British critics!

Later, their track. "At the bottom." sounded in the brand commercials Hugo BossAfter that the musicians began to be actively invited to various kinds of music festivals.

"Bad Taste" - Born into a Pandemic

"Bad Taste."
"Bad Taste."

The group was founded Andrei Andreev during the pandemic. According to the musician himself, it was incredibly boring and unaccustomed to sitting at home. So he decided to occupy his time and started writing music out of boredom. Eventually the hobby grew into a full-fledged project.

"I wasn't after money, fame... I just wrote music for my own pleasure. And then I realized it was time to start a band...".

It's worth noting that this is not Andrei's first attempt to assemble a band. But all previous projects were failures. Unlike "Bad Taste.". The band periodically performs at venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg, performing songs in the spirit of post-punk with an ironic twist.

"Ploho" - dark post-punk from Siberia


group "Ploho." from Novosibirsk are often called representatives of the new wave.

Founded in 2013, the band released an album in 2018 "Where the birds fly away to die."which showed great results! It was recognized as one of the 25 best albums of the year. It brought the band new fans, even from abroad.

New Russian rock straight from the capital - "Band Khmury"

"The Frowny Group."
"The Frowny Group."

"The Frowny Group." - bright representatives of the new Russian rock. The project was formed in Moscow, and its biggest hit is the song "White Walls.". She won the hearts of Russian listeners as well as... Latin American ones!

The band is famous for its live performances, where every member gives his or her best. Another interesting thing is that the guys recorded a successful cover of "Hello to you." of the band Center! Listening:

"Mother Teresa - Old Boys of Punk Rock

"Mother Teresa."
"Mother Teresa."

The "old-timers" on our list are. "Mother Teresa." was formed as far back as the early 90s! The most interesting thing is that the project has managed to stay afloat to this day.

Group from Michurinsk was formed by students, and was originally called "Heavenly Chancery". In the 90's its line-up was actively changing, several vocalists left this world... But the constant author and ideological inspirer remains А. Nektov.

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