Cool Tsoi songs that only the most loyal fans have heard

At least a couple of tracks, which will be discussed below, can safely claim the title of hits! These are little-known songs of the Russian rock legend, which are worth listening at least out of curiosity...

Little-known Tsoi songs that can claim to be hits

"Kino." - one of the most unusual bands in the history of Russian rock. On the one hand, millions of people admire the band! On the other hand, the same number of people have a biased, if not negative attitude toward the band. While Tsoi's name is firmly entrenched in the annals of Russian rock, some people think that he didn't do anything outstanding. But then again - as many people as opinions as there are. In any case, Kino, with their simple motifs and slightly depressive sound, are considered to be practically pioneers post-punk in the USSR! That's saying a lot, though.

Despite the harsh criticism, the work Tsoi and his bands is still actively flourishing today, despite the fact that the musician himself has not been with us for more than 30 years. "Tsoi is alive!" - it's hard to argue with that, especially considering the current popularity of the rocker and his songs. Such hits as. "Pack of Cigarettes." or "Summer."The Tsoi's fans are the ones who are most likely to be rappers, and who have found a devoted listener even among today's generation of teenagers! How many children are there among Tsoi's fans? In any case, from time to time they come with his songs to "The Voice" and similar shows...

Viktor Tsoi with guitar
Viktor Tsoi with guitar

However, in the repertoire Viktor Tsoi there are songs that only the most devoted fans have heard. They are far from popular love and universal recognition, although this is quite unfair in some cases. At least a couple of tracks, which we are going to talk about below, can safely claim the title of hits! They are obscure songs legends of Russian rock, which is worth listening to at least out of curiosity.

"Next to Me."

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Tsoi

Beautiful guitar track, which can be referred to the post-punk genre. Unobtrusive melody, slightly depressing sound, almost unemotional performance... Nevertheless, despite the modest characteristics, the song sounds cool. There is something in it. nostalgically warm, pleasant...

"You look so out of date.
Next to me..."

The song, also known as "You look so out of date."was born around the middle of the 80s. Kino fans got to know her through the album "It's not love.". On this record Tsoi focused on fashion, on young people... But it turned out that the songs were to the liking of the older generation as well.


Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi!
Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi

"Spring." - Another track from the album "It's not love.". Light, rhythmic, ironic - it is the exact opposite of "Next to Me. It's more like a playful, rather positive hymn to spring!

Look how beautiful it is!
Where's my head?"

Remarkable, but Mike Naumenko - a rather close friend of Tsoi's - made his own parody of this song. And it was called "Summer.".

"You had me wrapped around your finger."

Joanna Stingray and Victor Tsoi
Joanna Stingray and Victor Tsoi

Very interesting track! At least because there is something in it ominous, heavy

If you listen carefully, you can feel familiar notes in Tsoi's voice. In some moments, the leader of Kino resembles... Yuri Khoy from "Sector Gaza"! So, in a way, this is an innovative track for Tsoi, because here he experiments with his vocals, which are usually measured and calm, even unemotional.

"The Last Hero."

Viktor Tsoi in transition
Viktor Tsoi in transition

Despite the fact that this song was released on several Kino albums and was often performed live by the band, it somehow passed by the general public. In any case, there are plenty of other songs by the band that are played everywhere and everywhere. In contrast to this rather famous track...

"The Last Hero." sounds like a militant anthem that inspires and energizes. Remarkably, all the studio versions of the track have different arrangements. Tsoi himself was especially fond of the version from the album "Night."He said that his previous attempts had not been successful, because he had never been able to convey the necessary depth and energy...

"About seven in the morning."

The song, also known as "I'm one of those.".

"I know for a fact:
Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday..."

Unlike the rest of the songs on the list, "About seven in the morning." is really popular among listeners. But it is clearly inferior in popularity to the same "Cuckoo," and is rather beloved by the most devoted fans.

"In Search of a Plot."

"In Search of a Plot" or "A Plot for a New Song" is a composition written by Tsoi in the first half of the 1980s.

"I can't sing about love..."

One of the most lyrical and melancholy songs of Kino. It once again confirms the fact that Tsoi's band was the pioneer of post-punk in Russia!

"Ant Farm."

"I don't like being lied to." - This is how Viktor Tsoi described this song, which was a worthy adornment of the "Black Album".

One of the Russian rock legend's latest songs, which, according to some, hints at impending doom musician...

"I tried to find a shelter,
They say I wasn't looking hard enough..."

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