"The coolest" - the top supergroups in rock history

What if several rock'n'roll gurus were combined in one band? Yes, that would make a real monster band of geniuses!

The coolest supergroups according to Fuzz Music magazine

There are musicians who alone are capable of storming the world stage and giving the public amazing hits that become classics for centuries. There's no doubt about it: these idols are strong, ambitious, and incredibly talented! Their flair for great rhythms and lyrics that are sure to touch hearts is a natural gift. But what if a few of these gurus were combined in a of the same group? Yes, you get a real monster gang of geniuses, which you are unlikely to be able to avoid.

Today we decided to remember not just worthy bands, but supergroups - that is, bands with idols in their lineup! The difference of such a band from any other simply popular band is that it was formed by musicians who had already earned their big names. Although... we do have a surprise for you. Here we go! This is truly a case of... couldn't be cooler..

The Traveling Wilburys

Supergroup - The Traveling Wilburys
The Traveling Wilburys supergroup

One of the coolest supergroups in a story that was based entirely by accident. Just to our good fortune - somewhere far away in the galaxy, the stars aligned, and the ex-Beatle George Harrison offered the ELO legend Jeff Lynn to work on his Cloud Nine album. The two hit it off so well that a few weeks later Harrison said:

"Look, Lynn, we should definitely have our own band."

Thus, they formed The Traveling WilburysIn which they also invited a vintage '50s rocker in the form of Roy Orbison, folk-rock star Bob Dylan. and an American rock legend Tom Petty. What can I say - it's just a superhero rock 'n' roll gang, that's all!

Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires
Hollywood Vampires

Another group that can't be called without the prefix "super" is "Hollywood Vampires.". It included the king of shock-rock Alice Cooper, star of one of the most rebellious American hard rock bands in history Joe Perryas well as the renowned Caribbean pirate and heartthrob Johnny Depp! Sounds more than impressive, doesn't it?

The composition itself is already extremely ambitious and spectacular, but the music performed by the Hollywood Vampires, chic. This trio has clearly found each other. By the way: in Cooper's opinion, the only thing they're missing is Lemmy Kilmister on bass. But, alas, this Hollywood vampire is no longer with us...

bad company

Bad Company Group
Bad Company Group

Unlike most of the other bands on this list, the music bad company was notable for its unpretentious, almost Spartan simplicity. Founded in 1973 by the singer Paul Rogers, guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirklater Bad Campaigne took on a bassist Bosa Burrella. And Peter Grant, who led Led Zeppelin, was their leader for almost ten years.

With many millions of copies worldwide, Bad Company was a great success in its day! But why did they? Their hits are still being played on the classic rock waves today.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Group
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Group

The group, which included David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash (Neil Young (I occasionally took part) was shaped by Joni Mitchell (in part).

The story goes that the Canadian singer was dating The Byrds lead singer David Crosby when she offered him the role of producer of her next LP. As it turned out, Buffalo Springfield were recording in the neighborhood. Upon hearing this, Mitchell immediately thought of her old comrade Young. She told Crosby:

"You should meet Neil. He's so funny, funny! You're going to love this guy."

That's pretty much how it turned out.


Cream Group
Cream Group

And here's our little surprise! We know what you might be thinking right now, "What does Cream have to do with anything?" Of course it does. not a supergroup in the classical sense. But that's exactly what Cream is called all the time. Or rather, they call it the first supergroup in the history of rock music. And it's no wonder why.

Cream have only been together a few years, but the fact that Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce made in that short time will live on forever. Although the band didn't last long and for most of the time they were a band, the members fought amongst themselves, the music they made and the influence they had at the time means they are undoubtedly the greatest trio in the history of the genre.

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