Bryan Singer's films that made him a celebrity

Love a good movie? We have compiled the TOP 10 most popular films directed by Bryan Singer!

Top 10 most popular films of the famous director Bryan Singer

This director seems to have taken the superhero genre to a whole new level. I wanted to talk about the best works of the master.

Bryan Singer after filming
Bryan Singer after filming

Why praise Bryan Singer? He is a brilliant and talented director,
which is able to give zest to any work. Moreover, he can
create a masterpiece not only from budget and superhero franchises with a lot of special effects, but also from historical films, thrillers. The director pays attention to the detailed portrayal of the image of each character, whom you begin to believe, sympathize with, experience or experience negative feelings. Even a simple and ridiculous movie like the story about Jack is in the hands of this talented person revives and acquires original shape.

"Jack the Giant Slayer"

Is it possible to tell this tale in a new way and surprise the audience? The director proved to the whole world that it is. At the very least, this is the largest and most expensive attempt to tell the story of Jack. Despite the excellent graphics, expensive scenery, the characters were clearly lacking in color. The most banal story about how a simple guy saved the princess. A sweet, pleasant, childish and rather colorful fairy tale that will not disappoint, but will not cause any special emotions either.

"X-Men: Apocalypse"

Not the strongest work, at least against the backdrop of the entire franchise. Probably, too much screen time also leaves its mark: the story turned out to be very stretched. If we consider the work as a whole, then it is quite good, but it failed to reach the previously set high bar. One of the benefits for fans of the storyline is that Quicksilver gets a chance demonstrate his abilities, the episode with this hero can be safely considered one of the best and most unusual decisions.

"Smart student"

One of the first works of the director - and immediately the adaptation of Stephen King. It is surprising that in the CIS the work was appreciated, but it failed at the box office. A simple story of friendship between a teenager and a World War II veteran turns out to be not a drama at all, but a real thriller full of intrigue. The characters of the heroes are perfectly revealed, the line of human egoism and ingratitude is shown.

"Superman Returns"

Pretty good take on Superman's story. True, to stay on Olympus this work was not destined. Given the huge investment in this picture, the creators of the work failed to recapture their finances.

What was wrong? The originally raised length of time when Superman decided
return to earth and fight Lex Luther again, was a good idea for
movie. It seems that there is a new task for the hero, and he will again have to save the world. Only all the miracles and superpowers look unconvincing.

"Operation Valkyrie"

Large-scale history on a military theme. Here is where you can roam. Also a great cast. collaboration with Tom Cruise. Instead of a dynamic and exciting movie, too much of the work is occupied by descriptions of the plan to destroy the Fuhrer. Rather, it is a solid military drama that is worthy of attention, although the work is not flawless.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

Technically, the director had a hand in this picture only partially. Why? Even at the very beginning of the project, he managed have a serious quarrel with the lead actor Rami Malek, and the studio chose to change the director.

Despite the fact that the whole world admired the story about the legendary musician, censorship had its say in Russia. It is clear that the rating "only for adults" is quite justified. A story about all the musicians of the legendary band, and first of all about the inimitable Freddie Mercury. Perhaps, with historical accuracy, the creators of the story did not go smoothly, but in general it is very interesting to learn a little about the life of a talented person. Plus, the performers of the roles coped with their task simply brilliantly.


Who would have thought that with a budget of seventy-five million dollars, you can create a real masterpiece. Each image, each character is perfectly revealed and got its own unique character. If the villains, then they are amazing, if the ending, then predicting the plot twist is not so easy. One of the best comic book adaptations to date.

"X-Men 2"

On the wave of success, the creators decided to allocate a more generous budget and work out the story of each character in more detail. The main drawback of the second part is that it is already very diligently attached to the original and repeats it. The only difference in the emergence of a new villain Stryker. Why praise? For the careful study of the main characters, the quality of the graphics, the tearful and emotional ending. Not every superhero franchise is capable of making you think and sympathize.

"X-Men: First Class"

Show all the same characters, only in the past, return to the moment of their inception? The task is not easy, but its foundations have already been laid in the story of X-Men: First Class. The director promised to create one of the coolest stories about mutantsand he got the job done. The actors had a difficult goal - to transform into characters that they had already managed to love and appreciate.

An excellent script, and an organic introduction of the Guardians, who are capable of destroying the entire planet. Just a chic solution that allows you to tie two films together. The idea to use Wolverine as a link between the past and the future simply ingenious, and implemented one hundred percent. One of the strongest Marvel films, which looks fresh and original even against the backdrop of the Avengers.

"Suspicious Faces"

Few people manage to declare with their first work that talent has appeared in big cinema. And the director succeeded: his debut picture gained the status of a cult in the United States. Great detective story on the search for a mysterious criminalwhich terrifies everyone. The image of the villain is revealed and can simply be considered a model, and the selection of actors for the role of detectives is done brilliantly. A rare case when a detective story literally riveted to the screen, and it is almost impossible to predict the plot twist.

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